what is the best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing that’s a good question and that’s a question that people ask all the time what theme should I use for my new affiliate marketing website well in this blog I’m going to be taking you through a few of the themes that I’ve used on my affiliate marketing websites and I’m going to give you a bit of guidance on choosing a theme for your next affiliate marketing project on WordPress so let’s go?

Hello, it’s Chahat Sharma Panday here hope you’re all keeping well so yeah we’re gonna be talking about some themes in this blog BEST WORDPRESS THEME FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING 2021 let me start by just giving you a few thoughts about choosing a theme for an affiliate marketing website and then I’ll give you a few examples of the themes that I’ve been using.

How To Choose Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing 2021

1st. Clean And Clear Theme

So the first thing that you want to keep in mind when you’re choosing the BEST WORDPRESS THEME FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING 2021 website is the look and feel of that theme is it clean is it clear because an affiliate marketing website is all about the content it’s all about your articles maybe your blog may be your graphics whatever it is you’re putting on but yeah you want to make sure that is at the front that is center stage and that the theme kind of pushes your content forward makes it very easy to read makes it very clearly makes it very clean so yeah choose a theme that really does show off your content well.

2nd. Speed Of Theme

the second thing to keep in mind and this is very important is the speed of the theme, not all themes are created equal some themes are much faster than others and when people are looking for content they’re looking for information to help them buy something they want that information quick they’re not going to wait around it needs to load you know instantly not sure what that click was for so yeah just check the theme that you’re going to buy maybe run it through game yeah just check the themes that you’re thinking of buying before you buy them maybe run them through google page speed often themes have a demo so you can run that demo site through and just see what scores are they’re getting.

3rd. Design

now in terms of the design of the theme, you want something that’s pretty flexible and if the theme comes packaged up with some templates to get you started you’re going to want a content focus template maybe a magazine star one or a blog-style one because going back to point one as I’ve already said affiliate marketing is all about content so you’re not gonna want loads of flashy stuff a whole load of sliders and other stuff um it’s all about the content so bear that in mind when you’re looking at themes check out the different templates and stuff that they provide with their theme and see if there’s one that you know pushes content to the front a lot of themes are very business-focused very kind of corporate-focused and provide a lot of templates for business type sites and which is nice but those kind of templates aren’t often suitable for an affiliate marketing website to let’s say you want one that really does focus on content and pushes content to the front.

4th. Page Builders

so the next thing i want to make you aware of is page builders because in choosing BEST WORDPRESS THEME FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING page builder play vital role now page builders like elementor or brizzy or beaver builder they provide a lot of extra functionality so if you’ve seen a theme that you like that’s pretty basic you can add extra stuff to it with a page builder.

most themes work with most page builders because it helps theme to get easily Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing so maybe you want to add some tables or some buttons which I strongly suggest you do because that really makes the content pop well you can add those things with a decent page builder like elementor um so just keep that in mind that if the theme that you’re looking at maybe doesn’t have that built-in.

you can add that extra functionality via page builder because this will remove the burden of choosing Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing or if you don’t want to do that you could do it with individual plugins speaking about nice things that make your content kind of really pop i would recommend that you go for something that allows you to add tables so a decent page builder like elementor i’d also look for something that allows you to add nice kind of pros and cons sections.

which i guess is a table but you know some themes and some page builders have them built in it’s a great way of kind of summarizing the good and bad when you’re talking about products buttons that’s also a very useful thing to have on affiliate marketing website so yeah just check what your theme comes with and if it doesn’t then go for a page builder

yeah, you should be able to create some really nice looking content now i know some people will say well you don’t want to use page builders on your content that’ll make it slow well not in my experience on one of my websites techremake which by the way is one of my case study websites and you can find out everything about the site including how much you earned in a playlist which is a bit up there go check it out.

but yeah on that site I’ve created all the content with elementor and the site is nice and fast and I just think that if you know make the content look really nice and you add rich um content to it or rich elements probably is a better way of saying it um it just does better I think it does better on the search engines I think people read it more people click through more so yeah I’m a big fan of using page builders for content now of course if you don’t want to do that and you want to just keep it nice and clean add a bit of content but maybe you’re thinking.

I do want to show off some products and a table then you might want to check out a wp which is a plugin that I absolutely love and in fact, I use it with page builders because the tables are just so good and basically what it does is it uses the Amazon API to pull down product information straight from amazon

then you can put it into tables you can just kind of have product boxes which are nice boxes with images and text and a price and a button and yeah it’s a really cool plugin and I’ve done some videos on it in the past you’ll find links to those in my youtube channel um but yeah just keep that in mind because if you have a plugin like that then it doesn’t really matter too much which theme you’re going to go for because you can add the cool tables anyway so there’s a few things i’d keep in mind when choosing a theme.


let me just share with you some of the themes that I’ve been using on my site so the best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing 2021.


Base WP Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing

base wp is a theme that I’ve used on a couple of sites I’ve used it on my client websites and it’s a free theme it’s just a clean simply easy to use theme and I love it now I’ve been using base wp with elementor um as I said to kind of format content and create home pages and that kind of stuff.

it works really well and it’s free as is elemental so you can get up and running with this theme without spending any money give it a go um I think you’re gonna like it and if you want you to know more details on exactly how I created my sites with that theme I’ll put a tutorial video in my most recent tutorial on how to build an affiliate marketing website the one where I created a new website. this is our first BEST WORDPRESS THEME FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING lets check next BEST WORDPRESS THEME FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING

Thrive Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing

Now Second BEST WORDPRESS THEME FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING themeis thrive a premium theme you basically have to subscribe to get access it’s 19 a month i think this discount is available if you go for an annual package and you get a lot for that money you get the theme which is fully featured it’s got like everything that you could possibly want and you get access to a whole load of other plugins and resources

you get support and you get updates so it is worth the investment but the reason why I really like thrive is that it’s got loads of built-in elements which are just perfect for affiliates for example it’s got some fantastic tables it’s got some lovely looking pros and cons sections it’s got some great buttons it’s also got these fantastic page templates like this template which

i’ll put up now which is for your silo pages so rather than using default kind of wordpress categories for your posts you can create really good looking pages that just you know work fantastically and look amazing so yeah i like thrive i think it’s really good it may be too much for some people that are just starting out

but I think once you start building websites with it you’ll never look back the good thing is on the standard license you can use it on multiple sites so the more sites you create with it the better value it becomes the two main ones that I’ve been using recently let me just touch on a few other themes that people talk about a lot um first is Astra. so lets see is astra BEST WORDPRESS THEME FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING

Astra Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing

Astra is a very popular free theme with a pro version available i like this theme there’s nothing wrong with it it works with all the page builders my one issue with it is the templates going back to my point earlier the templates are very business focused and there aren’t that many that would be suitable for an affiliate marketing website so if you’re building a site and you want to use templates because it’s quicker and it’s easier and you get some really nice designs doing it that way then yeah Astra is going to be very limited another theme that’s very similar to Astra is ocean. so lets move to our last BEST WORDPRESS THEME FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING

Ocean Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing

so the last Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing is ocean and this is better when you look at the templates there are some magazine or blog style templates that are very content-focused so yeah definitely a viable option it’s a good looking theme it’s got loads of features and again it works with most of the page builders so basically in a nutshell you just want something that shows off your content something that you can work with something you can use and something that’s pretty fast and if it takes all those boxes then it’s probably going to work well for your affiliate marketing website.

I’d love to know the themes that you’re using on your affiliate marketing websites do leave me a comment below do read all the comments that I get and I’ll try to reply to as many as I possibly can if you like this blog Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing if you found it useful in any way please share Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing blog with others and help me out and to avoid missing out on future blogs make sure that you’ve subscribed my youtube channel techremake until next time good luck with your sights bye for now.

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