15 Best Harem Games For Android And iOS in 2022

If you have spent some time on Android or iOS, you might have heard of the term Best harem games. It’s one of the most popular genres on smartphones right now, and for a good reason. Harem games are depending on seduction around a male protagonist.

The player is not necessarily the central figures in these games, but sometimes also a minority. There have been many harem games released over the years, but which ones are worth playing? Below are the best Harem game releases for Android!

Hello everyone, today we will talk about Best Harem Games. Indeed this is one of the trending topic these days. I am also seeing that other bloggers are writing many blogs related to this topic, so I believe I should miss the chance and help my users get better results.

Top 15 Harem Games For Android And iOS (2021)

Those who love to play games and dream to have a harem now have an option to fulfil their fantasy; there are some best games of the harem genre that you can check out.

Best Harem Games
Best Harem Games

1. Nightmare Harem: Free Otome Games English

The Nightmare Harem game has various endings: there are happy endings and a wrong end. You may choose your ending or unveil all the game’s mysteries according to a fixed scenario.

There are more than 600 free otome games on the internet. But most of them not updated for a long time. Some even do never update, and it is impossible to finish the game, or you can’t play for a long time with lag and error. Also, some otome games don’t have English Version.

At last, most Otome game’s price is high. And all of these problems happened on this site, haha. Most are English version; some are German version. Some have Chinese Version too! And almost all updated (there are only 2-3 sites that don’t update now). The other good news is you can download 100% free and play offline!! Japanese genre game called ‘otome. Now Let’s move to our 2nd Best Harem Games.

2. ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

ISEKAI: Demon Waifu is a new and exciting anime-inspired android best harem games featuring a massive cast of characters, an intricate storyline, turn-based combat, a crafting system, pets, original artwork, and more! our 2nd Best Harem Games

You were sent to conquer the new world. Instead, you find yourself in the clutches of a demon queen. Will you resist her on your way to becoming an Overlord? Will you repent and become her Demon Lord? Or will you follow yours?

From the creative minds of the Wizard Komiya and comes ISEKAI: Demon Waifu, a game where you can conquer other players in real-time! Be the envy of all other men as you dress your beauties in gorgeous clothing and armour! Become more powerful than ever before to capture the hearts of princesses, demons, angels, maidens and even phoenixes!

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3. Emperor and Beauties

Emperor and Beauties have tons of models for you to collect! Build up your collection by completing quests! Complete various puzzles! Add more beauties into the harem and take a look at their unique personalities!

Take part in the guild wars between powerful governments and beauties to dominate the whole fantasy world! Use the superiority of power, appearance, guild and customs resources to rule over all kingdoms! our 3rd Best Harem Games

The Harem will be expanded with new titles and beauties to be more critical roles in your palace. The Beauties will take orders from you and fight for the palace. You can make them stronger by training and equipping them with an artefact that has special effects. It will introduce a new application of various game features too. Your empire story will get a brand-new look soon!

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4. Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans is a multiplayer simulation game where you can build your own Empire and fight in epic battles against real opponents. Customize your Heroes, train powerful units, and research unique technologies to outsmart your enemies, dominate the land, and win the ultimate prize: The throne of the Sultan himself!

Send your team of heroes on exciting quests across the empire to find the lost family heirlooms, get a jump start on your quest for greatness by cultivating relationships with the Sultan’s daughters, and work together with neighbouring kingdoms to protect against outside threats. Gather artefacts and treasures, and always remember to keep an eye out for new allies to include in your harem!

The Game of Sultans team has added lots of exciting new features and content to this update! Get the new Impressive Imperial Road Outfit along with the New Harem Game.

We’ve also introduced 2 new Premium Skins for Queen Khutala and Princess Zainab. Don’t forget that in 4 weeks, Season 3 will change the world of Sultans forever with a major retheming! Act now while Season 2 is still here!”

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5. Dream Girlfriend

Develop your very own Dream Girlfriend with this Harem game. Made possible via Live2D technology, the characters are infused with an emotive motion that allows over 11 different personalities, huge speech variation, and over 20 different customizable slots for clothing and other items. A live broadcasting feature will also be available soon to allow you to interact with other players.

Create your dream girlfriend and have her say whatever you want. Give her just the right amount of touch to create your ultimate harem. With dating sim-style gameplay, walk-in closet, and speech personality customisation, this is an experience that gives you everything you could ever want in a romance game! our 5th Best Harem Games

The Dream Girlfriend is a game for men where you create the girl of your dreams harem. Engage in datelike activities or enjoy romantic interactions with her anytime.

6. Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: Sexy Shinobi Happenings

Open your door to the world of fantasy role-playing with our new Moe Ninja Girls game. This highly recommended RPG harem game is pack with features, including adorable girls looking for a master, easy to use controls, and game-changing updates. Welcome to the Harem Games family.

The ancient war has been going on for many generations, and the peace in the land is ruined by ninjas that fight each other to steal princesses. Players will not only train their ninja-slaves but also play with them and gain companions!

7. Lust of Mafia

Welcome to the game world specially created for fun and excitement! Do you want to start Mafia Life? You can be the Godfather of your own Mafia Gang. Recruit the Agents, explore the mysterious Underground World, battle with other Gangs and build your Dynasty.

Lust of Mafia is one of the Best Harem Games, Running City on the Sandbox Map, Underground World, and Recruiting & Upgrading Strongest Agents.

Lust of Mafia Best Harem Games, For players who like to play together with the agent as the main character in the underground world, there are a lot of configuration settings that players can choose in the Underground world. All game scenes can be moved freely by voice. The game event is intensified and varies from time to time. Many types of quests are waiting for you to challenge.

8. How To Raise a Harem

How To Raise a Harem, one of the finest Harem Games, is dedicated to those who love to raise their own Sera-inspired Harem. Harem Games is more than just a game: it is a way of life! This TWICE Series product will teach you how to properly raise a Harem and fall in love with your Seras.

From an introduction to harem games to the finer details of defeating your opponents in battle, we have thought of everything.

Whether you are a high school student who wants to date the prettiest girl in class or a busy modern person who wants to strengthen relationships with their counterparts, “How To Raise a Harem” introduces both men and women. The book provides a step-by-step guide that teaches readers how to meet the opposite sex, create deep connections, and learn how to increase their popularity with women.

9. King’s Choice

King’s Choice is a medieval management/simulation RPG where you will create your own kingdom and guide it to fortune and glory!

King’s Choice is an adult visual novel game with two distinct parts: Overthrow the current king, a cruel and greedy man, and become the new king yourself. Can you attain the throne?

Play the game of your life in King’s Choice! Customise the look of your character and create unique skills. Arm yourself with epic weapons, and learn powerful magic to fight your foes. Meet fellow heroes, fall in love and marry them. Have sons and daughters – your children will carry on your legacy! But be wary – an encounter with a scheming vizier could change the course of history! our 9th Best Harem Games

10. Seduce Me the Otome

Seduce Me the Otome is the first and only otome game to offer a male option in a harem setting. In this game, you will be playing as Alyssa Stewart, a soon-to-be college graduate who has rejected 10 marriage proposals due to not wanting to settle down.

Seduce Me the Otome will not only take you on an interesting journey and throw you through a loop or two, but it will also provide you with characters that develop in unexpected ways and a story that is packed full of drama and conflict to keep you on your toes, all wrapped in an experience that gives you complete control over the outcome.

With a custom game GUI, original soundtrack, full English voiceovers, CG Art Gallery revealing 22 arts, ‘Surprise’ gallery containing 14 additional deluxe late-game CGs and more! Seduce Me the Otome follows the life of Mari Ichijou, who enrols in an all-girls school to seduce one of six handsome gentlemen at her school.

11. Golden Empire – rise of&lords mobile

Golden Empire – a harem game with complicated plots and unpredictable twists. It’s already late to save the country from the enemies and seize the throne. Beat all evil forces, conquer your own empire, and make up your mind to become emperor!

“The Golden Empire” mobile game is a new RPG mobile game. There is an exciting story, exciting fun to kill time, and the ability to raise their children and continue to play. Also known as a harem battle game, this mobile game will follow you through the battle, life experience and love experience based on your decisions. You can give yourself a harem prince or princess based on your criteria.

The game has different competition levels for you to challenge yourself. The daily login activities will give you incredible benefits such as gold coins and rare items!

12. Call me a Legend – Game of Battle & Love

Call me a Legend is Best Harem Games. An open-world mobile game built and designed for Android and iOS mobile phones. The game has been successful in several markets such as the USA, Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Middle East, and Turkey. Best Harem Games

The Legend is a love game with battle system. It is a Story-driven game, and you choose your role in the story, whether it is to battle, date, chat, or even all together! Girls are waiting for you to pick them up, and if you’re lucky enough to obtain the Legendary Garment of Many Colors, not only will your power skyrocket immediately after equipping it, but you are also guaranteed to succeed at any quest you attempt on obtaining a hero-grade artifact!

13. Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim

Welcome to the world of Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim. Here you find realistic and vivid pictures, which you can exchange with your friends. This game is guaranteed to have your perfect waifu in it. You can meet many girls and always get the latest updates for this game—our Third last Best Harem Games.

Take charge of your own anime harem and romance cute girls in this dating sim. Imagine you are a college or high school student, living away from home for the first time. You have a limited income, and your neighbours are not very social. To get over the loneliness, you buy a computer to meet girls online. Your new life is about to begin! Best Harem Games

Play a waifu dating sim! Enjoy your time at the beach with three gorgeous virtual girlfriends. Kiss them, hand out presents, travel anywhere in the world and go on dates. It’s a game of courtly love where you are the suitor. Best Harem Games

14. bey Me! – Anime Otome Dating Sim / Dating Ikemen

Dear Anime Otome Game Lovers! This Is Bey Me, the secret dating game in Japan for Anime Otome Lovers. You’ve played the first Bey Me! now play the sequel! Game Features: Best Harem Games

Experience a world of anime dating sims and boisterous relationships with Demon Ikemen as your beys clash against each other in card battles! Every day will be full of laughter, drama, and interesting surprises as you fall in love with the handsome men surrounding you. As you know, every Otome dating sim needs a true romance. Best Harem Games

In this Otome game, you will embark on the greatest romance of all time and date a wide variety of handsome Demon Ikemen! Will you capture the heart of your favourite Demon Prince? Entertaining card battles and strategic depth allow you to shine. Now, experience the fantasy love story between you and your own Ikemen Harem! Best Harem Games

15. King’s Throne Best Harem Games

King’s Throne – best Harem game ever! Recruit knights, court desirable maidens, raise a dynasty! This play strategy adventure gives you the chance to go back into the medieval ages and become the king of your own Kingdom. our last Best Harem Games

What is your dream? To be a king, Then, you must rule over a kingdom with loyalty and power! Welcome to the world of “Harem Games!” sneers, masters of sailors, engage in battle with Generals, battle Chivalry and even compete for the crown itself! Are you up for the challenge? Save your allies and attack the enemy without fear! Use every asset at your disposal to gain the upper hand and become the most outstanding Combat Master in the world. Best Harem Games

A rogue empire has invaded, and only YOU are capable of taking back your kingdom. The time to rise has come! Rule the Kingdom, Recruit Knights, Court Desirable Maidens, Raise a Dynasty! To start the game, you must first enter your name (Player 1) and your friend’s name (Player 2). After that, you will begin in the Castle Courtyard. Companions (rulers or court) can found everywhere in the kingdom. Best Harem Games

You assume the role of a powerful King, building your Harem, securing your Kingdom and leading Nobility to the ultimate victory. Best Harem Games

Your Kingdom will grow in power and size with each passing generation, allowing you to expand your harem with Delectable maidens, which yield more vigorous offspring and occupy important Governmental positions granting more Agents like Brothers-in-Arms or Royal Guards. Best Harem Games

Together with these Loyal Nobles, you’ll secure your reign and lead your dynasty to rule through the ages! Best Harem Games

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