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Our today topic is The Best Nas For Plex Server in 2021, best nas to run plex, Synology DS920 plus, Qnap TVS-872XT, best nas to run plex Synology DS920 plus Qnap TVS-872XT.

All right, guys, hi everyone. I’m Chahat. I’m a marketing specialist here at qnap. I’m here with our product manager Duval. Good morning everybody. We want to thank you for joining us for the webinar today, and um, we’re going to be going over plex and how qnap serves as a plex server.

How to choose the right qnap for your use case and so taking a look here at the schedule, we’re going to start by talking about plex on the qnap nas so why you would use qnap maps for plex. What plex are we going to go over software transcoding hardware transcoding?

We’re also going to have a live demo with Duval where he’ll give us a hands-on look with plex on the qnap, and we’re also going to talk about some specific nas models. How to pick the right mass for you for your use case may be, and then we’ll have a q and a time to go over any questions that you guys might have, so any questions you have throughout the uh presentation you can ask us during that q a time, and we’ll be happy to get to those all right.

What is plex?

So in this, we will discuss what is plex as many of you probably know that the answer to what is plex is it’s a private multimedia platform easily browseable multimedia platform.

where you can create your library that’s easy to view and easy to stream your content to various devices.

What is plex? It’s compatible with pretty much any device that you’re going to want to play it on, from smart TVs, apple tv, Chromecast etc. It also supports transcoding, so if your files are in one format or something, you can play it on various devices, and of course, we’ll talk about that more going forward as well?

Why is qnap?

Now, why is qnap a good option for plex? For starters, qnap supports up to dozens of terabytes or even hundreds of terabytes potentially of storage? Why is qnap answer is so you’ll have plenty of storage for all of your media content.

Best Nas For Plex
Best Nas For Plex

You can easily house your whole library. Additionally, a qnap incorporates raid redundancy to protect your media against drive failure. qnap offers many models with powerful CPUs and integrated graphics on intel models to support uh transforming software transcoding and intel Tele model hardware transcoding.

Why we Need Transcoding

So why do we need transcoding, uh transcoding is made up of two parts decoding and encoding, and we do this when using plex to make the playing of our media more flexible.

So files such as Mkv files may not be playable on specific devices. You may have your media content files formatted in ways that are that a particular device may not be able to play back.

Additionally, you may want to transcode to different resolutions when you’re streaming content on the go. You may not have the available bandwidth to support higher resolution content.

higher resolution may not even be necessary when you’re viewing it on a small screen on a mobile phone or tablet.

Something you may also want to conserve data usage if you’re away by transcoding to lower resolution, and so with transcoding, you have both software transcoding and hardware transcoding.

Plex Software Transcoding

Software transcoding is performed on NASA’s CPU, just the general overall uh processor for the nas, and then with hardware transcoding.

It will have a dedicated uh GPU. Intel quick sync used to accelerate the process, so it’s dedicated just. It has a GPU dedicated just for transcoding.

Hardware Transcoding

So this will give it much better performance typically. If you’re trying to transcode higher resolution content such as 4k content or something of that nature, you’re going to want something that can provide hardware transcoding, probably.

Using hardware transcoding with plex does require a plex pass, so you can purchase that or get that on a subscription basis as well um so with that, uh Duvall is going to show us a little demo of plex so you can see what this looks like how it sets up and everything.

TerraMaster F2-421 Review

Let’s talk about our first Best Nas For Plex Server, and that is the terror master stand. We did a significant overview of their products a day or so ago, but I wanted to focus on two specific units today. I want to talk about a to bait the f2 four-to-one. This is a quad-core CPU intel the Jain 34:55.

also right to it up to eight gigs of ddr3 memory I believe it arrived with two or four gig it should be there on the screen and this is the for land device I’ve got an HDMI for the moment but there were only got that for debugging and background text they are gonna be moving forward in that in the near future with their tos software.

TerraMaster F2-421
TerraMaster F2-421

now this device worked up there other devices you to the same chassis but it weighs nothing seriously guys and I know that’s not beautifully imported shouldn’t really be throwing these things around like that but it is worth mentioning that is exceptionally affordable it’s available right now.

as newest this is it is available to buy right now which is one of the few things I can say about this whole show here at Computex now once again on the rear we have got those four LAN ports which means link aggregation is very much on the table there for you you’ve got the four lamp so up to 4gb wiII on the supported switch in your network environment moreover those USB ports.

there can be utilized by supported accessories from UPS is the wireless toggles and more so once again that HDMI for at the moment isn’t it fully to develop the software.

they’re just working out some kinks before they turn that whole system on those if ever use a massive HDMI you know there are a lot of inherent benefits to that kind of system now cos we’ve mentioned on the other channel with our software overview very recently.

all the way through to the latest innovations in mobile applications that they go out there and access it via your web browser the TOS excuse date developed a very slick piece of software.

I know I said this in the other video but I will mention again the evolution of this company has frankly been compared with some of the big nerds like you know phonology incredibly impressive in what they’ve done in such a short space of time.

they still got other things but where they are right now they’re looking at serious contenders of the third-place watching of companies like ASA score like try both and more we can wrap things up on this product.

Type Of Nas Server For Plex.

this is a subject i would say more than half of you that buy network attached storage devices nas um by four plex is just this great app and as much as i like a lot of the first party apps from qnap and synology and asus store and all of these companies.

the what they bring to the table to handling multimedia some of them get really close but it’s still not quite surpassed flex media server for me. I really like it it brings a lot of the use of the graphical user interface and uh the utility and the information and the scraping of metadata that just looks like you see on the likes of um like prime instant and Netflix and stuff like that.

it’s the media that you own you’re not stuck to a subscription service and the media you own you get to watch.

in the most glossy smooth interesting way with plex media server but because it’s a network stat storage device. it’s yours you control it you can say who can see it who can’t and it’s all in house.

so all of the costs are all out the way early doors and then you can create a very bespoke system so yes i love flex media server and the three nozzles we’re going to talk about today are the ones that i recommend for different budgets unlike my other best dog videos.

where i said there wasn’t really any hierarchy in today’s video there is i’m going to go for small medium large the three nasties we’re talking about today are kind of budget mid-range top end.

those are the three best network-attached droid devices for a flex media server that we’re going to talk about before we go any further I want to talk about the disclaimers.

How To Choose the Best Nas For Plex Server In 2021

I want to talk about How To Choose the Best Nas For Plex Server and how they could qualify and also the one that got so close that really really got close to the end of unfortunately is going to get the participation medal is going to get you got.

so close but not quite there so what were the disclaimers what how could a nas qualify for my top three and again that nearly made it but first and foremost.

the nas has to have been available for sale and in stock in the majority of the world uh before October 31st 2020 doesn’t have to have been released in 2020.

indeed only you know two of the three nazis I’m going to talk about today was released this year but I will argue that if it’s not been available up until that day.

How To Choose Best Nas For Plex Server shouldn’t be considered because we’ve not had the time to play with it and test it and there’s not been enough time to see that it can stand by its power and potential.

there are some nurses coming out towards the end of this year and the start of the next are genuinely impressive for the flex media server they’re just coming out too late I a.m afraid they’re not making the cut also on top of that all of the solutions today have to have at least two years of manufacturers warranty because if you don’t have at least two years of peace of mind.

Best Brand Of Nas For Plex Server To Run

i don’t think you can trust that brand in something like network attached storage for a 24 7 device. this thing’s going to be on for ages whether you use it or not instead in idle or active access two years of warranty. is what I consider the medium and should be included with your device also.

i’m only looking at solutions that have got at least four bays of storage because you can tell me to you’re blue in the face that hard drives are getting bigger with 16 18 even 20 tb nas hard drives and companies like seagate iron wolf and wd red but for me in a raid one you’re going to lose 50 of your storage.

so to have a good ongoing collection of multimedia to enjoy earn a plex media server with all your client devices friends and family alike i think at minimum needs to be a four-bay whether that’s because you’re going to buy smaller drives and have a raid 5 or that you’re going to go for big drives and get some genuine future proofing there also it has to be a combined hardware and software solution.

don’t get me wrong this video is targeting plex media server pretty precisely but the system has to have at least a good level of hardware and the first party software attributes as well for the following reasons one i want for good first party software because even though.

you’re going to buy the nas for flex media server you’re going to want to maximize your investment you’re going to use it for backups you’re going to use it for low-level multimedia for your podcast or maybe for downloads or maybe for work ultimately.

you’re not going to use it just for plex i reckon you’re going to use it for two or three other things and the software inside should be indicative.

i mean by hardware is that the system has to have enough hardware for both plex media server use and general use a lot of companies bring out a solution that if you try to use it in plex media server for even low level 1080p transcoding.

which we’ll talk about later they end up using almost the entire system resources and you can’t do anything else and that’s why all of these systems have been picked.

How To Choose Best Nas For Plex Server all of the analysis that was considered before getting to the bottom. the top three had to at least feature 1080p transcoding full and some or total 4k transcoding because that’s the way multimedia is going and that has to be considered.

so what was the one that almost made it what was the participation medal what was so close but yet so far that was for me and again this isn’t part of our top three it was the locker store two.

Asustor Lockerstar 2/5 Review

now the locker store is available in two and four though we’re not penalizing the locker store two and four bay because you know there was a two bay there is a four bay version out there what got it so close but not quite over the line was simply that even though it.

Asustor Lockerstar 2/5 had a quad-core Intel CPU inside even though it had 4 gigs of ddr4 memory in our plex tests earlier in the year Asustor Lockerstar 2/5.

it seemed to use a lot more hardware resources to get the job done than most other nazis that had that same hardware.

Asustor Lockerstar 2/5
Asustor Lockerstar 2/5

it’s a very good nas for plex and it did a lot of the transcoding that we put at it although we threw at it it was arguable that the number of hardware resources it used if you compare it against something like a 453d or you compare it with a ds 920 with the same level of memory, CPU.

it didn’t really give as much as it could you could have boosted it with m2 name caching. it would have rigged the result a little bit there and ultimately for me, that’s why it didn’t quite make the top three.

it was very close it nearly pushed one of the nazis on this list off the top grid there but unfortunately, that was why it didn’t make it. so what is my first mass what is the more affordable plex nas solution that is the one I recommend buying at the end of 2020 that is the qnap ts 451 d2

Best Low-Cost Plex NAS Drive

so guess we will talk about the Best Low-Cost Plex NAS Drive and now the question arises is there is any Best Low-Cost Plex NAS Drive. then I will reply to you yes there are some Best Low-Cost Plex NAS Drive with all premium features with other Best Nas For Plex Server with Best Low-Cost Plex NAS Drive.

Qnap TS-451D2 Best Low-Cost Plex NAS Drive

this is the nas that’s been largely overlooked if I look at 2020. I look at network-attached storage devices that are featured not just on my youtube and blog but across multiple platforms that do talk about network-attached storage. if I had to say two nasties that have been largely overlooked. Qnap TVS-872XT

it was the Synology ds1520 plus I bet a number of you had forgotten that even came out and the ts 451d2. this dual-core four-bay nas with 1gbe ports. there no PCIe upgradeability it just seemed to go under the radar it seemed to be like you know had released a bunch of really really good solutions uh in the first two quarters of 2021. Qnap TVS-872XT

Qnap TS-451D2
Qnap TS-451D2

then this came along and it seemed to be kind of that’s an odd bird that one that’s an odd duck it’s kind of it seems to take a step down but really it doesn’t arriving around 400 to about 420 quid if you shop around this nas device with its dual-core um intel j4025 processor and um uh two four or eight gigs of ddr4 memory with the two and four gigs arriving at our price point so close the amount will go for the four gigs performed extraordinarily well in plex.

a lot of it did the chipset and the simplicity of the architecture and the best nap’s uh increased support and connection with cyan or cayenne c-a-y-in support 8.265 it did extraordinarily well in my plex testing hopefully in the description there are links to all of my plex videos but you will see that the two of the 451 d2 despite being a dual-core nas did really really well at plex media server it challenged a lot of the four bays and that’s why it ended up passing the locker.

it transcoded not only all of the 1080p that we threw out but it even in place media server with a plex pass hardware transcoding managed to enter and crunch through some of the top higher end 4k stuff as well and I do recommend checking out that video now.

the mid-range what is the plex media server now that you guys should be buying if you’ve got a little bit of bunch you’re not looking at transcoding insane stuff but you want to look at some low 4k stuff you want to enjoy your plex media server for one-two maybe even three users at a given time what’s the nas you should go for let’s say all together with the Synology ds920 plus.

Synology DS920 plus Mid-Range Plex Nas Drive the best nas for plex

although it wasn’t an enormous leap over its predecessor the ds918 it is arguable with its improved internal embedded graphics and that ddr4 memory uh 2666 megahertz four gigs by default that can be upgraded to eight. Synology DS920 plus Mid-Range Plex Nas Drive.

it brought enough to the party to be a lovely mid-range plex media server now it’s even arriving at a price price point not dissimilar to that of its predecessor between 500 and 550 pounds if you shop around including tax this nas four bay is expandable it has m2 nvme cash which again.

Synology DS920 plus
Synology DS920 plus

Synology DS920 plus Mid-Range Plex Nas Drive we’re not going to include in this they’re just optional things it performed very well in plex media server but it’s worth highlighting that uh plex was the main reason that plex didn’t perform as well as it eventually did and what i mean by that is the latest version of the plex media server client has um a horrible driver thing going on.

How Synology DS920 plus is the best nas for plex

where the driver it wants to use to transcode is not the default driver do check out my plex fix video it’s out there just look up ds 920 plex fix you’ll find it and if you change just one line in the back end of the Plex media server app and best nas to run plex it uses the default driver the ds920.

the best nas for plex performed stellar in terms of its performance at plex media server it’s not an eye intel core it’s not that graphical embedded the best nas for plex xeon that we talked about a little while ago but in the 88x series for what you are paying and what you are getting it is definitely straight down.

the middle the best plex media server nas for mid-range users that are buying their first nas for plex it’s not going to crunch best nas to run plex the top-end 4k certainly not in plex media server the best nas for plex and barely natively as well but with its large array of applications available outside of plex to maximize your investment and some great performance in plex media server best nas to run plex through multiple streams at once.

we tested with both a local and a mobile phone device at once looking at the same media some high-end 10k uh 1080p I should add it does very very well for me it will be recommended kind of wish it had 2.5 gbe ports though right so what’s the one I’m going to recommend and anyone that’s watched these other videos says no you know what. I’m going to say it’s going to be that qnap TVs-872xt.

Qnap TVS-872XT Best and Most Powerful Plex NAS Drive

Qnap TVS-872XT Best and Most Powerful Plex NAS Drive. a nas for plex that is featured in lots of my best dogs this year and even peered into some of the one’s last year this is a six-core eight-generation intel. i5 it’s got 16 gigs of ddr4 memory that can go up to 64 gigs it’s got 10g. best nas to run plex

it’s got thunderbolt it’s an eight-bay it’s got internal m2 name caching bays it’s a beast but more importantly, it transcodes insanely well it transcoded pretty much everything Qnap TVS-872XT Best and Most Powerful Plex NAS Drive. we threw at it it was able to change those files for playback and multiple streams at that with hardware transcoding enabled with a plex pass.

it gets even better it is still to date one of the best solutions out there with the added benefit that if you download some of the um third-party created plex HDMI output apps Qnap TVS-872XT because of the first-party app I’m sorry the third party official app is no longer supported if you download some of the plex theater. best nas to run plex. the best nas for plex

Why Qnap TVS-872XT is Best Nax For Plex

plex home apps for HDMI and HD station 4 you end up with a standalone plex media server that can output via HDMI 60 frames per second into your tv with near-zero Qnap TVS-872XT latency eliminating transcoding from the mix entirely and with the added benefit that multiple users can use the now free resources internally to transcode remotely. Qnap TVS-872XT best nas to run plex. the best nas for plex

if they need to know a number of you I know I’ve said transcoding like 50 times in this video still forget the need for transcoding and why transcoding is so important because Qnap TVS-872XT Best and Most Powerful Plex NAS Drive a lot of us are thinking well no my thinking just my phone or my tv can play those devices it’s not as straightforward as that a lot of the time. best nas to run plex and the best nas for plex.

due to low bandwidth uh at the source or destination device or because you want a smaller version of the file because a big clunky Mkv 4k file at 4.8 gig is going to churn through best nas to run plex your phone like gravel you what you want is a streamlined version and that’s why transcoding is so important and that’s why Qnap TVS-872XT Best and Most Powerful Plex NAS Drive. with its arguably 1900 pounds high price tag still brings. best nas to run plex. the best nas for plex

a lot to the party and in terms of plex media server still to date performs insanely well thank you so much for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed this video click like if you did and click subscribe to learn more. Qnap TVS-872XT. the best nas for plex

Would You Able the best nas to run plex

yes, the best nas to run plex can eassly run on the that best nas to run plex

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