Boya BY-MM1 VS Boya BY-MM1+ 

If i am not you all here for Boya BY-MM1 VS Boya BY-MM1+ you all want to know the the difference between Boya BY-MM1 VS Boya BY-MM1+ and today i am going to help you, also i am going to explain you how you can choose the better option related to mics.

Boya BY-MM1 Review

Initial let’s discuss boya by mm1. I would like to share with you that this microphone is also known as a super-cardioid shotgun microphone and the reason behind shotgun is that this is used in the position of shotgun.

Boya BY-MM1 helps you to record real time monitoring compatible with all type of devices such as android, iphone, DSLR camera and camcorders for live streaming audio recording.

Boya BY-MM1
Product NameBY-MM1
Brand Boya
Connectivity TechnologyAuxiliary
Connector3.5 mm Jack

Features of Boya BY-MM1

  • Boya BY MM1 Is Used directly with your smartphones or DSLR cameras without the need for a battery.
  • Unwanted vibration, cable noise, and handling noise can be effectively reduced by the sturdy metal structure and anti-shock mount.
  • Boya BY-MM1 come with a fuzzy windproof shield as well.
  • The Frequency Response of Boya BY MM1 is :35-18KHz +/-3dB;
  • Sensitivity Frequency:-42dB +/- 1dB / 0dB=1V/Pa
  • Signal to Noise Ratio Frequency: 76dB SPL
  • Boya BY MM1 weight is Only 86g/0.19lb,

Boya BY-MM1+ Review

so now we are going to discuss about Boya BY-MM1+, i just want to mention here in the brief only that there is not a such differences between Boya BY-MM1 and Boya BY-MM1+, however it is my duty to make you elborate.

Boya BY-MM1+ come with Super-Cardioid Shotgun Microphone which is really good because you also get with Real Time Monitoring Compatible with which iPhone/Android Smartphones, DSLR Cameras and Camcorders for Live Streaming. 

Do you know it also support Audio Recording, Boya BY-MM1+  is Black in colour moreover you also get SUPER-CARDIOID &WIDE ADAPTABILITY, PLUG & PLAY, Monitoring Output & STRONG and ANTI-SHOCK.

Boya BY-MM1+
Product NameBY-MM1+
Brand Boya
Connectivity TechnologyAuxiliary
Connector3.5 mm Jack

Features of Boya BY-MM1+

  • The BY-MM1+ is an improved super-cardioid condenser microphone that produces sound with greater sensitivity and less noise.
  • Users can listen to and replay audio with compatible apps using the 3.5mm headphone output.
  • This microphone does not require batteries; you can simply plug it in and start using it. You also do not need to bother about complicated hookup and pairing procedures or the battery level.
  • BY-MM1+ can provide a quality audio track for your video and possibly save down on post-production costs.
  • BY-MM1+ TRS cable and TRRS output cable.

Difference between Boya BY-MM1 VS Boya BY-MM1+ 

Now we are going to talk about what is the difference between Boya BY-MM1 and Boya BY-MM1+ and you know this only our main title and you all are here only just for this only, already we have discussed a lot about both Boya BY-MM1+ VS  Boya BY-MM1.

After reading the upper portion I believe you all came to know about Boya BY-MM1+ and boya by-mm1 and I just would like to mention to you that these both have just one major difference and that is that things are back.

The Boya BY-MM1 has a single jack at the back end which is used just for the recording section however, the Boya BY-MM1+ has two jacks at the back end, one is used for recording and another is used for listening too.


All the readers ought to got there answers and now they are vivid which product they have buy and which they don’t need to buy all major difference between Boya BY-MM1 and Boya BY-MM1+ is jacks.

We have discuss both the products as well as BY-MM1 VS Boya BY-MM1+ and i believe you get your answer for which you have knocked this article and i wish we will able to aid you in the future also.

Can you use the MM1+’s headphone input with DSLR cameras?

No, You Can’t use the Boya BY-MM1+’s headphone input with DSLR cameras because it just made for smartphones.

Does the Boya BY-MM1+ microphone allow you to listen to the audio while being played on a smartphone?

No, the Boya BY-MM1+ microphone doesn’t allow you to listen to the audio while being played on a smartphone

Is the Boya BY-MM1 smaller than the Boya BY-MM1+?

yes, this is true Boya BY-MM1 is smaller than the Boya BY-MM1+, because MM1+ have two jacks at back end.

Can I use the Boya BY-MM1/MM1+ directly on my computer?

yes, you can use Boya BY MM1/MM1+ on your computer, nevertheless you are need to attach a cable.

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