How To Copy Key at Walmart

Are you in need of a Copy Key at Walmart and wondering if Walmart offers key copying services? The answer is yes! Walmart provides key copying and cutting services in-store at their MinuteKey kiosks. This self-serve option is a convenient way to duplicate your keys, without having to visit a locksmith or hardware store.

MinuteKey kiosks are available in most Walmart stores, making it easy to get a copy of your key while you’re out running errands. The process is simple and straightforward: select the type of key you want to copy, insert your original key into the machine, and follow the on-screen instructions. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a brand-new copy of your key.

But what kind of keys can you Copy Key at Walmart? The MinuteKey kiosks can make copies of a variety of keys, including house keys, car keys, and mailbox keys. The cost for key copying at Walmart varies depending on the type of key you need to be copied, but prices typically range from $2 to $6 per key.

Types of Keys You Can Copy at Walmart

Walmart offers in-store key-cutting and duplication services. You may quickly and affordably obtain a replacement duplicate of your house or vehicle key at Walmart. These are some examples of key types that can be duplicated at Walmart:

  • Walmart is able to duplicate regularly used standard home keys for residential buildings. These keys often have a basic design and can be quickly duplicated using Walmart’s key-cutting devices.
  • Walmart is able to duplicate automobile keys, including transponder keys and key fobs. Nevertheless, not all Walmart locations offer this service; thus, it is essential to contact your local Walmart store prior to your visit.
  • If you have misplaced the key to your padlock, Walmart will assist you to obtain a replacement. You may bring your padlock to Walmart to get a replacement key produced.
  • Walmart may also duplicate safe keys. Nevertheless, not all Walmart locations offer this service; thus, it is essential to contact your local Walmart store prior to your visit.
  • It is essential to remember that Walmart does not duplicate “Do Not Duplicate” or restricted keys. This is to assure their consumers’ safety and security.

Walmart provides a simple and inexpensive key duplication service for a range of key kinds. If you require a replacement key, try visiting your local Walmart.

Cost of Copying Keys at Walmart

Walmart offers key copying and cutting services in-store using their self-serve MinuteKey kiosks. The cost of Copy Key at Walmart varies depending on the type of key and the location of the store. Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

Type of KeyCost
Standard Key$2.00 – $6.00
Vehicle Key$20.00 – $60.00
High-Security Key$50.00 – $100.00

It’s important to note that not all Walmart stores offer key copying services. To find out if your local Walmart has a MinuteKey kiosk, you can use the MinuteKey kiosk locator on Walmart’s website.

Additionally, the cost of copying a key at Walmart may be slightly higher than at other retailers. However, Walmart’s key copying services are convenient and reliable, making them a popular choice for customers who need a spare key in a hurry.

Process of Copy Key at Walmart

MinuteKey self-service kiosks make Walmart key copying simple and fast. Steps are:

  1. Find the kiosk: Most Walmarts have MinuteKey kiosks outside. Locate the bright yellow MinuteKey kiosk.
  2. Input key: Insert the key you wish to copy into the self-service slot and press “Start” on the kiosk. The kiosk will scan and show an image of the key.
  3. Choose your main design: Choose your design from the screen. The kiosk sells ornamental, vehicle, and house keys.
  4. Choose copies: Choose your copy count on the touchscreen. You can duplicate the same or different keys.
  5. Pay for your copies: After making your selections, the kiosk will display the total cost. Credit or cash is accepted.
  6. Wait for your copies: The kiosk will start copying, which normally takes a few minutes.

The kiosk will drop off your Copy Key at Walmart in a tray. Walmart makes key copying fast, easy, and economical. MinuteKey kiosks generate high-quality key duplicates in minutes without a locksmith or hardware shop.

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Tips for Copying Keys at Walmart

If you’re planning to copy your keys at Walmart, here are some tips that can help you get the best results:

  • Check if your Walmart store has a MinuteKey kiosk: Not all Walmart stores have a MinuteKey kiosk. Before you go to the store, check the MinuteKey website to see if your Walmart store has a kiosk. You can also use the website to find other MinuteKey kiosks near you.
  • Bring the original key: To make an accurate copy of your key, you need to bring the original key with you. Make sure the key is clean and free of debris that can affect the machine’s accuracy.
  • Choose the right key type: MinuteKey kiosks can copy most standard keys, including house keys, car keys, and padlock keys. However, some keys, such as high-security keys or keys with electronic chips, may not be compatible with the kiosk. If you’re not sure if your key can be copied, ask the Walmart associate or the MinuteKey support team.
  • Follow the instructions carefully: The MinuteKey kiosk will guide you through the key copying process step by step. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and double-check the key before you pay. If you make a mistake, you may need to start over or pay for another copy.
  • Consider buying a keychain: MinuteKey kiosks offer keychains for an additional fee. Buying a keychain can help you keep your new key organized and prevent you from losing it.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your key copying experience at Walmart is quick, easy, and accurate.


Walmart is a simple solution for anyone seeking to duplicate keys. Minute Key kiosks at Walmart shops provide key duplication services for a range of keys, including house keys, garage keys, safe keys, and bike lock keys. Also, the service is inexpensive, costing only $2 per key.

It is crucial to remember that Minute Key kiosks cannot duplicate automobile keys, school building keys, high-security keys, or any other “Do Not Duplicate”-marked restricted keys. If you require a key that cannot be duplicated at Walmart, you should consult a professional locksmith.

Overall, Walmart’s key duplicating services are a quick and cost-effective choice for anyone seeking to replicate their home or workplace keys. Check the key type before to using the Minute Key kiosk to guarantee it may be duplicated.

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