3 Best Free eBook Reader Apps for Android

There are so many books to read and there are also different formats. which mobile app to use to read those great books? so eBook Reader Apps for Android. In this article we will see 3 best apps for reading books on your Android device.

Let’s get started. That’s it. These are the three apps: Lithium, Kindle, and Adobe Acrobat Reader Now you got what you came here for. Now please don’t close this article or move on to another one, and read till the end because I am also going to highlight one key feature in all these 3 apps which actually stands out.

While showing these apps you will also see what formats are supported the best in each app.

Best Free eBook Reader Apps for Android
Best Free eBook Reader Apps for Android

Lithium Free eBook Reader App

This is one of the rarest ebook reading apps that’s not just free but also comes with an ad-free experience. If you want to read ePub files on your Android device, Lithium should be your choice because it’s just a simple ePub reader with the basic and necessary features built-in.

It also comes with an optional vertical scroll option so we can read books by scrolling up like a webpage instead of turning pages like the usual books.

Lithium is free and also ad-free, as I said before, but if you like them, you could upgrade to Lithium Pro to show your support and get more colors for your ebook highlights while also get the ability to sync your highlights and books with Google drive. If there is only one problem that I found with Lithium that is the delay in between page turns but that’s minimal.

Kindle eBook Reader App

this is usually known to every ebook reader out there. Comment below if you are one of the Kindle users. An ad-free experience for sure, and by that I mean the pop-up ads, not the regular ebook suggesting engine from Amazon. That’s just ever present in Kindle homepage. eBook Reader App

Not just the ebooks downloaded from the Kindle store but any mobI files or AZW and AZW3 files that you copied to your device can be read easily with Kindle app. If all you need to read are just the mobI format ebooks, then get the free Kindle app. No further search necessary.

They have got highlighting, note taking, dark mode, or the night mode, dictionary, bookmarking, and quite a few other basic and necessary features built-in. Side note: this also supports reading PDF files but the experience is quite linear without any fancy options like page-turn animations. Not just Android, you can download the Kindle App for reading on almost all devices.

Adobe Acrobat reader

I would anyday recommend Adobe Reader app for reading PDF files on your mobile devices because its innovative and has set many industry standards – plus for Android phones, find this little icon here for the ‘View settings’, and then go inside to see an icon that looks like an “A” inside a block of lines, select Reading Mode. eBook Reader App

This creates a Reflow effect on regular text within PDF files. Not for all the PDF files, if it’s a scanned one, obviously it cannot have a reflow effect.

But for the regular text within the PDF files this reflow effect will be very useful while reading. The text size adjusts to your screen size giving us a pleasant reading experience like that of an ePub file.

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