Best 10 Games To Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY for Android iOS Games 2022

Want to get paid to play games? These are the 10 best Games To Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY apps where you can earn crypto. No, this is not an April fool’s joke. Just like mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any other digital currency relies on computer power, some apps pay users in cryptocurrency for playing games on their platform. You can then use these tokens to buy in-game items and upgrades.


For your phone’s battery’s sake, let’s hope that these apps will soon also offer energy saving modes allowing players to play less while earning the same amount of money. Mobile games are today’s most popular form of entertainment with some estimating that billions of people across the globe enjoy various game genres on their smartphones every day.

2022 is the best year for mobile player because many mobile games will has played to earn system especially the games on android games play to earn nft and play to earn cryptocurrency for android games 2022 as we know meta first games on android ios has been optimized by a lot of mobile developer top 10 mobile games play to earn nft and play to earn cryptocurrency for android ios games 2022.

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Thetan Arena: MOBA Survival Earn Cryptocurrency

we can earn cryptocurrency just by playing Thetan Arena for trading the heroes in the marketplace be money war play to earn moa and ft money war is based on blockchain technology system and nft’s mechanism let the player get an amazing reward and we get the chance to earning real money.

battle royale game where you can earn by playing games And the best part is now there is a season running, till the end of the season you can earn upto 1000USD$ Guys Thetan Arena is an blockchain game where you you guys yourself or with your friend can battle online.

if you win the battle you will be given some token for that The tokens you earn you can sell it earn profit from it. so this was our first game of Games To Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

Plant vs Undead – Your NFT Garden Game

this is a nft play turn game on the binance smart chain and bsc is pretty much an up uh one of the major up and comers. when it comes to nfts and gaming there are a lot of products launching on there because of the ease of use and the very low fees that it takes to be able to play and do actions on the finance smart chain network. Games To Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

so plant versus undead or plants resistant is very much a plants versus zombies kind of take uh that includes nfts right. so if you’re familiar with the plants versus zombies uh you know uh you know general style right then you’ll know that how this game feels uh this is a free-to-play game.

so you can get started with this game for free and the way you actually earn this game is by you you start off with a you know basic set uh starters uh you know kind of plants and then you can actually start earning in the game uh by uh you know leveling up and then being able to buy seeds and the seeds allow you to then grow a brand new plant which you could then sell or rent right in the marketplace uh to be able to earn off of that plant.

so the kind of way that they work this too is it there’s kind of essentially like a tamagotchi style farming uh you know uh mode where you have to kind of take care of these plants right to be able to get them to be able to play in the pve mode where you can actually earn and you know use your plants to be able to earn even more so there is kind of that element of being able to take care of them so they’re also introducing a brand new token called the pvu token that you will also be earning as well.

this is a token that they’ve launched on pancake swap you can grab it there and they’re incorporating it as well as a pvp element so there’s going to be some pvp right now it’s just pve there’s no pvp and they’re going to be incorporating that here in this alpha you can grab this on android and ios as well as all the rest of the games we’re going to talk about today are on both platforms and some of you can actually play on pc as well.

MIR4 Game To Earn Non-Fungible Token and CRYPTOCURRENCY

mirror four this is an action style rpg game that has kind of taken uh you know the the nft community by storm now when you look at this game and you go download it on steam because this is kind of a you know a bigger game some of these other games are a little bit smaller in scope but mere four is a full-blown action rpg with great story elements and amazing graphics.

it is uh you know it is formatted for mobile gameplay uh and this is a game you can play on uh on you know both mobile styles but also on the pc and the graphics like i said just kind of blow me away this is a free-to-play game.

so you can download this game for free and start playing it doesn’t cost anything to play uh unlike a lot of steam games yeah you’re paying you know just a few uh dollars to play it uh and it is nft and uh you know crypto play to earn enabled now the interesting thing about this game is that the play to earn mechanics of the game are not unlocked until you reach level 40.

so it prevents people from coming in and just spamming and botting which you know you could easily do with this type of game and uh mine all the cryptocurrency and sell it and there’d be no profit for the people actually playing to earn.

there is a gate so you have to do you do have to get to level 40 before you can start doing that but once you do you can start mining the in-game currency where the in-game metal which you could then convert to the in-game currency and then sell that for crypto.

you know the game in general has a pretty good economy already going right now and uh it you know it’s a lot of fun to play i’ve played this game already on my stream a couple of times and the community really enjoys it so a really great action rpg that uh you know you don’t even realize like hey at this point i’ve already reached level 40 and i’m burning.

Forest Knight Earn Cryptocurrency NFT Based Game

forest knight this is a uh turn-based tactics style game right where you have a set of of uh you know like a team set with a d in their their actual nft so you have different characters they’re like a warrior and uh and like barbarians and things like that so you set these characters in this team uh up with their their different weapons and their armor all these are or it can be nfts right these are actual nfts in the game.

this is actually on the uh ethereum engine platform and they’re actually moving some elements over to polygon as well uh this is a game that’s actually been around for some time i’ve played this game multiple times on my stream as uh too and it is a like i said turn-based tactics game.

so it is a little bit uh low-energy but it’s great for a mobile setting uh you can play it on both android and ios and you can actually earn nfts by playing right so you earn these nfts just by playing beating uh different levels uh it is level based and you know then you can sell these nfts on the marketplace or you can even rent them which is coming and they’re getting ready to launch their brand new knight token which is going to be another additional way to earn in the game.

so you’ll be selling these nfts for night tokens on the marketplace and then you’ll also be able to earn knight for winning battles so if you love these kind of tactics turn based strategy uh games then forest knight is definitely one that you should look at they’re they’re like i said one of the uh well-established play-to-earn games that’s out there and um you know i think that you know for people who love strategy games it’s a perfect little mobile game to pick up and play on the go and still be able to earn as you’re playing so definitely check that out and their brand new knight token that’s coming soon.

Splinterlands Collect, Trade, Battle! Earn Crypto Game

a game that i love that i play every week on my stream on wednesdays called splinterlands now splinterlands is a hive based uh game it’s on the high blockchain but it connects to a ton of other blockchains.

it can connect to ethereum to wax uh and to a bunch of others where they accept cryptocurrency for payment uh for the different uh you know things you can buy inside the game this is a card based auto battling system.

it works a little bit different than most card games out there right you think of like maybe hearthstone or magic the gathering uh runeterra some popular ones this one is a little bit more auto style so you actually get a very small amount of time to put together your your your team right so it’s not a huge full deck it’s only uh you know a certain amount of slots you can have up to six and you have a certain amount of mana and different rules every time and then once you pick your team it goes into an auto battle right.

a little bit different than most card games but this is one of the original play to earn games this game has has been leading the way for years and predate some of the popular ones like axe infinity uh by quite some time.

very popular game has been exploding recently the prices in cars have gone up so when you’re earning in that game uh you can easily uh you know you know do really well if you’re very lucky and very skilled right this is not a free to play game uh to start if you want to play you can play it for free but if you actually want to earn in the game you have to pay for the ten dollars for the spell book.

so ten dollars to get started in the game and then obviously you want to be buying cards as well but you can get started for just ten dollars and start earning right away now you can play for free if you don’t feel like earning any in-game currencies or or you know plato earning any kind of weight but what would be the point of that we want to play an earn.

so there’s multiple ways to do that in this game by earning dec that’s your in-game currency by uh staking your sps or earning sps off of the cards you own so any cards and assets you own you earn sps which is their governance token you also earn cards and dec uh every day if you complete your daily quest and then every season you get season rewards too that’s every two weeks you can also earn in this game by renting out your cards too so some popular cards go for pretty big bucks in the rental market uh which is really hot right now so lots of ways to earn in sponsor lands daily.

Binemon Earn Cryptocurrency Based Game

we’re gonna look at here today is called binamon and binamon is a binance smart chain game and it’s like a pet game with some idol rpg elements in it uh essentially you collect these mons and you battle them against each other and you can level them up and then sell them in the marketplace.

so that gives you you kind of very complete play to earn uh you know uh you know series there and then you can even actually fuse these moms together to create better mods right that are more powerful and will do better in the in the in the arena uh you do have to have a a full set of five months to get started playing this game it is not a free-to-play game this is a game you do have to invest in first to get started but uh some of these mods are selling for hundreds of dollars.

so if you level them up and sell them in the marketplace you can be making some pretty big profits on binamon so uh you know very very very akin to some of these uh you know pokemon style games where you have a trainer and you’re battling it and leveling up your your actual creatures

AXIE Infinity NFT based online video game

axe infinity it is one of the most popular games right now with over 1 million players playing it it’s on the ethereum slash ronin network which is their own uh their own side chain uh and it is like a card battling system where you you have these uh axe infinity characters with cute little different attributes and those give you what cards you’re gonna be able to play in the actual.

you know versus mode whether you’re doing pvp or you’re doing pve and uh for each battle you win you’re gonna be earning slp in the pvp mode and then uh in the pve mode as well uh after you’ve uh you know gone through the the whole adventure zone and there’s also actually a breeding mechanic here which is another way you can actually earn two so you can breed two of your axes together to make more axes and then sell them on the marketplace.

so axial infinity is by far uh one of the most popular games but it’s also the most expensive to get into you need to have a set of three axes and they are not cheap so you can be shelling out anywhere between maybe 500 to 800 to get a set of axes together but axe infinity has one of the highest play to earn you know abilities out of all the games.

we’ve talked about today so i hope you guys like that quick list of my top play to earn games these are some of my favorites that i play pretty often and they have a really great potential to earn real world money in these games let me know what your favorite is i want to hear what your favorite is out of all these top games uh to play on mobile on the regular that’s all.

Gensokishi Online Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

Gensokishi let the player make their own customs and they all can sell it on nft marketplace which is it will let the player get nft on the meta first space.

Insokic online Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

insokic online has an experienced professional cryptocurrencies person who is expert on finance and we all can meet on the same world even we play from many platforms like an android switch iphone playstation.

Crypto Dragon Earn NFT

Crypto Dragon Earn NFT we all can earn nft dragon or crypto by finish the daily quest repeatedly some of the feature led our luck to earn some nfc also the games is called puzzle games and has high rating games on playstore rating we can collect nft cards and let’s see of our luck do.

yulgang global Moblie Game Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

yulgang global is made by tig and wemix developer their purpose to make the first material or mmo rpg games on android ios 2 be a play to earn mmo rpg games urgan has so many fans on worldwide on pc and it will become a huge community on mobile mmorpg damn i’m sure we’ll play this mmorpg games open well with multiplayer system and we all can do pvp between the player re calm crypto war.

Realrealm: Crypto War Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

we can earn and collect nft heroes on real-world games and able to deposit or withdraw heroes and ft in marketplace.

alice fiction game Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

alice fiction the game is set in metaphors and has unique gameplay with anime character design the battle system is turn based games with immersive graphic i really enjoy the motion face of every character looks so beautiful perfect for the 2d games it has so stunning graphic skills showcase and the lights so amazing.

Mobile Bitcoin Faucet App Games To Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

The first app to list was MobiFaucet, which was originally launched in February 2014. MobiFaucet is based out of New Zealand’s technology scene and it pays its users primarily in Bitcoin. Games To Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

If you are a crypto fan, you basically earn free Bitcoin and you’ll probably choose to signup for this before the other mobile Bitcoin faucets. Don’t expect to be making more than $100, as you earn between 0.02 to 0.1 BTC per day. On the downside, registration is easy – and will ask you for your mobile number or e-mail.

legend of pandonia Games To Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY

legend of pandonia we can earn empando coin if we can finish on certain quests and doing deli quests we also can use the m panda coins for upgrading our character status. this is are last Games To Earn NFT and CRYPTOCURRENCY


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