How To Convert PDF To Flipbook Adobe 2021

Hello And welcome to WordPress tutorials in today’s blog I am going to show you How To Convert PDF To Flipbook Adobe like and it will be like a 3d flipbook effect for example next page will look like this and the user can zoom or pan to read all the text containing in this flipbook.

To convert pdf to flipbook adobe need a plugin

So come to your dashboard and click on plugins add new in the search box type PDF flipbook 3d or press enter from the search list here is the interactive 3d flipbook so click on install and then activate I already have it that is why it’s not asking me after installing and activating the interactive 3d flip book come to your 3d flip book menu. convert pdf to flipbook adobe

Which will be appeared after the installation of this plugin. On your dashboard click on 3d flipbook and come to the shortcode generator but before we can generate our shortcode. convert pdf to flipbook adobe

First, you will have to upload your PDF file to your media library so click on media library in a media library clicks on add new, and then the upload box will be appeared click select file and choose your PDF file. I kept it on my desktop by the name of the test book here. it is open and it will be uploaded and then you can use this after uploading the file .you can click on the PDF test book and here is the link to the file. Select it and copy the URL now click on 3d flipbook and click on generate shortcode or shortcode generator on the shortcode generator page convert pdf to flipbook adobe

3RD Part To Convert PDF To Flipbook Adobe

3d flipbook and change the source to PDF URL and then paste your URL here in the PDF URL section. Now when you paste the PDF URL from your media library here then there will be a shortcode generated here. So we will need this shortcode to select this copy to your clipboard now click on pages add new. we can create a page where we will use this shortcode on that page to give the page a title. I will type test PDF file and then in the block section click on add block or if you are using Gutenberg Gutenberg editor then you can directly paste the shortcode in the description field or if you are using Elementor then you can use their shortcode widget. convert pdf to flipbook adobe

so you can have the 3d flipbook. you can just directly click on the shortcode button if you cannot find the shortcode here then type here shortcode and here it is. Click on that and paste your shortcode here now about the page template come to your attribute section and page attributes and then select your template. default template means that your default template theme will be used for example if they have sidebars and sidebar will be used if they have left sidebar right sidebar header footer everything will be used but if you are using Elementor then you can also use elemental canvas or element or full-width template convert pdf to flipbook adobe

How To Convert PDF To Flipbook Adobe

I am going with my default template because it will have a sidebar and it will look great with a sidebar for me to my website click on publish, publish again now let’s check the page how will it look like I’ll open it in a new tab. the PDF file is loading and it’s done okay nowhere you can see the PDF file is in the format of a 3d flipbook and people can flip the pages like this and they can pan if they can zoom in to read the text or they can pan up or down or swipe between pages left or right so here are the controls and there are also the default PDF controls like download print or full screen so people can full screen your PDF and the effect will be the same so that was all for today’s blog convert pdf to flipbook adobe

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