how to create a sample contact us page in WordPress

hello, friends I am Chahat Sharma Panday from techremake, and in this tutorial we’ll see how to create a sample contact us page in WordPress the easy way okay so before proceeding further make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and also check my social media platforms so that you don’t miss any further videos with that said let’s get started.

How To Install New Plugin In WordPress

to do so come back to your dashboard this is how your wordpress – oh should look like now at the left hand side you will see something called periences how our appearances and click on add new because we want to add a new plugin now here search for WP forms.

How To create a sample contact us page

this is the plugin which you’ll be using so just click on install now this has got more than 600,000 active installs and 1000 people have given it five-star ratings so this is awesome this is by WP forms okay this is the logo as you can see over here now click on this activate button to activate this plugin, okay so you should see something like this or we don’t want to do anything over here now at the left-hand side you will see a new thing oh yeah which would say WP forms now how our WP forms.

sample contact us page

How To Setup Wp Forms Plugin

  1. click on add new first we’ll have to give a name to our form for example you can just name it from one okay nowhere what you want to create blank form simple contact form newsletter signup form suggestion form okay you can see some additional templates over here we want to create a sample contact us page.
  2. so when you hover this you will see this pattern which would say create a simple contact form just click on that by default this is how this is what you should see name last name email address comments now here we can add or delete some section from your, for example, I don’t want this section come into a message section so what I can do I can just click on this red button which would delete this field okay click on OK create a sample contact us page
  3. so we don’t have that and if you want to add that field from your then you can select this paragraph text you just click on paragraph text and you will see this thing coming over here and if you want or to make some changes for you you can just click on oh yo okay click to edit button nowhere you can make some changes label format your deformity selected first and last name if you just want a single box for the name you can select simple as you can see now we have a single box and first and middle and last name then you can select the last one okay. create a sample contact us page
  4. whatever you like I would select a simple one okay whether you want to make it the required field or not if you don’t want to make it the required field you can just uncheck this now we have some advanced four options for your field size at present by default it is medium you can make it small okay and you can also make this small to no bring all those things at eye on the same line if you want. create a sample contact us page
  5. you can also change the placeholder as you can see this nothing written there is no placeholder on this box so we can have a placeholder for example enter your name, okay so we can have a placeholder your if you want to hide level you can do so you can also add CSS classes custom CSS classes so you nowhere you have some field options fine. create a sample contact us page
  6. now we want to make some changes over here in the email section so again when you have all this email section you will get this button click to edit and drag to the order so just click on that button okay here you can change this email label which says an email from you so you can change this to mail address I’m just showing you how to do this okay as you can see nowhere it is written mail address you can add a description that is basically for you. create a sample contact us page
  7. they’ll get a code or something and they can paste that code or you’re so this is very useful okay again some Advanced section you can increase the size from here you can have a place so for both the mail email placeholder and confirm email placeholder for example if you want to have a placeholder yo you can put in enter code here okay as you can see over here okay in here also you can have some simple classes CSS classes. create a sample contact us page
  8. now let’s see the last one-paragraph text again you can add it something over for example enter your message you can try picked for your fine your we have it enter your message it is not required if you can make it require it when we do require as you can see there is a red has to sign oh yo so which says that this field is required okay now let’s come back to this fields okay so click on this Add field oh yo now if you want to add some more fills you have name email multiple choices numbers checkboxes drop-down. create a sample contact us page
  9. okay, for example, let’s add a drop-down olio, okay so we just drag this thing over here now instead of dropdown I’ll type how did you hear about us now we have three different choices or you as you can see choice one choice two choices three you can add or subtract I want to add one more choice, okay so as you can see when I clicked on that plus button I have the fourth choice now the first one I’ll just type in Google okay this is YouTube then word of mouth other define oh sorry so when someone now clicks on this we cannot do that but when it is live on the web site they will get four different options. create a sample contact us page
  10. now you can select a by default when you select this one so this will be the by default option which will be selected if you select other other other will be the by default option over here okay if you want to make it required you can do so now you can again click on this ad fields if you want to add more fills this was the drop-down field you can add a paragraph checkbox and so many different fields. create a sample contact us page
  11. these are at the bottom as you can see this fanciful these are for premium users this file is locked for pro features so if you want to know to enable this then you can purchase the full theme this is the free version, okay but the free version is also very good you don’t need to purchase the full version this is really good really awesome. create a sample contact us page
  12. now let’s change this size to medium again okay once you are done once you like everything you can also change this topic boy here as you can see it says simple contact form you just click on that and instead of a simple contact form will type contact us fine click on save now click on embed once it is gone embed you will see this small code over here what you have to do just copy this code. create a sample contact us page
  13. cut this thing now from your ex this thing out fine let’s add this form this contact form in any page or blog or you can add it anywhere whether sidebar blog page so let’s add it on up late page Contact Us page, okay so I have created or contact me page just click on edit ok as you can see it is blank now I’ll be adding this contact form over here so there are two ways of doing this. create a sample contact us page
  14. okay the first one is through copying and pasting that fall we just copy that code or so you just can paste in that code or what you can do if you wanna do this just delete this and you will see this button which says add form and select the one which you just created okay if you wanna show the title just tick mark these show the title click on add form click on update now open this page in a new tab so open this link in a new tab. create a sample contact us page
  15. as you can see oh here we have you know we get different options whatever is compulsory we are getting this red mark oh you okay and once you click on submit it will be sent to the address okay again come back to your website the dashboard again go to that options where is that the WordPress WP forms click on WP forms because we forgot something over there. create a sample contact us page
  16. just click on edit over here under contact us ok I forgot to say you a few things for example if you go to settings over here the first one we have already changed the form title to contact form ok you can also change the submit button text as you can see over here it says submit so you can change this text too for example if you cure whatever you like. create a sample contact us page
  17. click on save to make some changes sending button a submit button processing text when someone clicks on this button and the thing is processing that button should say sending you can change this text also ok next option is the notification as you can see yours by default the email address is sent to the admin email address this is the email address where you’ll be getting notifications up when someone will just fill in this contact form. create a sample contact us page
  18. Click on the submit button you can enter your email address voyager this is the subject so every time you’ll get that meal this is this will be the subject new entries simple contact form you can change this subject also don’t change these things for from name from email address don’t change these things okay anywhere also it will be all field so make them you can just play around with these things the email address and the subject rest everything should be as it is okay now the last option is confirmation. create a sample contact us page
  19. so when their message has been successfully sent to you they’ll get this confirmation ok thank you for contacting us we’ll be in touch with you shortly so this is very useful ok so this is a message but Wow suppose you if you have already created a mail a page for thanking for someone if they contact you then you can link this page or your show page and you can just color select any page over here ok and you can also redirect them to some different URL to some tea website after they click on this submit button. create a sample contact us page
  20. it’s all up to you message is fine after you do so just click on save well guys so this is how you create a contact form we have seen how to add this on our home page let’s see how to add this on any different widget or something as you can see at this sidebar over here let’s see how to add here on the sidebar so again exit out now how are appearances and select widgets nowhere at the bottom. create a sample contact us page
  21. you’ll see something called WP forms just select this select the primary widget area click on add widget first let’s drag this at the top okay now expand this thing you can give any title for example contact us here select your form display title if you want to click on save again let’s come back to the website refresh the page and now we should see that form at the top whoa as you can see over here we can see the form. create a sample contact us page
  22. if you’re using it you’re adding this over here then make sure you make everything to full size this is the medium size that’s why it is looking so weird so make sure you make it for the size that would look nice okay. create a sample contact us page

so this is it for this tutorial I hope this tutorial has helped you guys okay it was a free plugin very useful plugin if this video has helped you then make sure you subscribe to my channel also give a thumbs up to this video that would really help me and I would really appreciate that if you guys have any queries any doubts then you have or any requests for any video you can leave a request or your doubt in the comment section below thank you for watching guys see you soon. create a sample contact us page

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