How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue In WordPress or Blogger 2023

In this tutorial, I’m gonna be showing you the How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue message that you may have been getting within your Google Adsense dashboard the message that I’m talking about is this one and as you see it across the top there it says owning risk you need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue. wow that’s quite a scary message eh well actually it’s not that scary and it’s really easy to fix so let’s get on the computer let’s get it fixed. so let’s continue with our topic How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue

How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue

so on in my Google Adsense account here is the message that we need to fix the scary message across the top it says earnings at risk you need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue well it’s actually a really easy fix. so now we naming this topic is How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue In WordPress or Blogger 2021

Step To Fix Ads.txt File Issue

Step 1 so initial step to How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue we click on the fix now it tells me the sites that have been affected so I basically need to do what I’m about to do to each one of these.

Step 2 so second thing we need to do is download the ads.txt file it’s basically just a little file that sits on your website it’s publicly accessible and it just basically lists the advertising networks that you’re authorized to use on your website now if you’re running more than one maybe you’re running azoic as well as that sense then you might need to come up with a custom ads.txt file but if you’re just running one advertising network like Google Adsense or like zoic on their own

they will provide you with the answer txt file but anyway here is the Adsense one so let’s download it click download shape to our downloads folder we can have a look at it if you like I just don’t look at it and here it is it just says which is the ads we’re serving officer tech remake my publisher ID and some other stuff which I’m not quite sure that is the hurt never mind. now we have completed our 2nd step of How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue

Step 3 third part of How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue next we’ve got to upload it to our website really easy to do just go back to the right browser screen now what we’re gonna do next will vary and depending on who your website host is but the principles are saying basically what you want to do is look for your file manager

Step 4 log in to your hosting control panel look for file manager and then you know using that we can easily upload the ads.txt file so for example with cPanel which I’ve got here which is with my old site ground hosting account I’m going to show you the new interface in a second but with the older interface

you know cPanel was used on lots of other hosting companies is interface that’s what I’m trying to say basically cPanel is very popular with website hosts you probably get a screen very similar to this and then you just scroll down and what we’re looking for is file manager which is just there when you click that takes you into here.

these basically all the files that you’ve got on your website and here are very easy to upload and download with the new site ground interface it looks like this is a bit cleaner but again it’s still called file manager that’s under site you into file manager and here you go and then when you’re in your file manager and again this will apply to pretty much all hosting you really want to go into your public HTML folder and that one there yeah there we go ahem because that’s where all of your publicly accessible stuff is.

How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue

Step 5 yeah make sure you upload to the public underscore HTML folder so I’m going to do it on this control panel file manager because this is the best roof box com looking at right now it’s a live site so it’s running out of cents and yet it needs to be done so I’m just going to click upload you’re gonna choose my file there it clicks open these permissions are all fine I think that’s all done let’s go back there it is. so here we have completed our five-steps of How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue

Step 6 on the new one you just come in here and there’s like this upload but I’m here again file upload get the file Bing job done and that’s it until you need to do that on every single site that you’re running your ads on that said the process will be exactly the same and the file indeed is exactly the same. How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue

Step 7 good luck with it and yeah we’re all done that brings us the end of this video I hope you found it useful hopefully you fix that message and your earnings are no longer at risk I’m sure you’d be fine anyway.

finally guys we have done with our topic How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue In WordPress or Blogger 2021 if you did get stuck when you’ve got any questions or comments leave me a message below in the comment section I do read all of the comments that I get and I’ll try to reply to as many as I possibly can if you’re not already subscribed you can do

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