What is Snapchat plus Subscription? Benefit of Snapchat+ subscription

Snapchat plus subscription is new feature by Snapchat, here with the help of snapchatplus subscription they try to upgrade the users experience, and do you know they have launch two plans in this which we will discuss in next paragraph.

I just want to make you understand one thing about Snapchat+ subscription that with this, your ads are not going to remove as you know other platform main aims to influence their users to by removing ads in their subscription plans however, here you are not going to see this type of feature.

Snapchat plus subscription benefits

There are numerous benefits of Snapchat plus subscription, which will force you to pay and enjoy, and I want to make you update that the Snapchat subscription is just available in some countries, not in every nation’s users can enjoy this. Now I will elaborate on the Snapchat plus subscription features, so stay tuned with us. 

Snapchat plus Badge

Snapchat plus subscription will provide you Snapchat+ badge, this is something like telegram, if you are users of telegram, you have also seen this in telegram premium plan, this also provide something similar feature.

Snapchat plus Badge

However, this badge system will take user experience to the next level because it will divide the users in two categories.

Pin Friend

Features of Snapchat plus subscription are Pin Friend as #1 BFF, Best Friend Forever, means no temporary best friend, seriously I don’t find any use of this offer, however this is my duty to share with you, this is the only reason I decided to share.

snapchat+ subscription

Story Rewatch Count

Snapchat allows you to check the count of the number of the times your snap story is watched, it may help you to know how much someone is stalking you, I know this can be useless for some of the users however for some it is a piece of cake.

Ghost Trails

Snapchat plus provides you ghost trails, which allow you to track your friends location without knowing them, this is the only reason this is called ghost trails. Remember ghost trails will only allow you to see their location if they allow you to share there location.

Snapchat Icons

Now you are allowed to choose your favourite snapchat icons, the one you like you can choose, this is also known as a pro feature. Snapchat icons will differentiate you from the non snapchat plus users.

According to sources till now there are approx, 3 icons. It is also said soon more will be added.

Priority Story Replies

If you are plus users then you will be provided priority story replies feature. This is something similar to superchat as in youtube, means your replies are going to be on top, in the profile of users.

Priority Story Replies

Post View Emoji

Now this is not something new, and not something for which users are going to buy snapchat+ subscription. This feature is just added to increase the count of benefits of snapchat plus subscription.

Future, post view emoji will just give you experience to react to the post, and view the emoji.

Post View Emoji

Snapchat Web

This is what I love and I was waiting this from so long, and even i have written the article on this, that how you can connect your snapchat with your pc or laptop, so if you want to learn just check my article, i have explained in the detail.

Let me tell you one secret about snapchat web, recently i try to open snapchat web without snapchat plus subscription and do you know i am succeed in that, without using anytype of tricks so you should also try maybe you also get succeed.

List of Snapchat Plus Available Countries

Right now snapchat plus is available in 30 countries and it is also said that in the upcoming time it will be available in more nation’s. These are those countries in which snapchat has the highest users.

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • India
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Austria

Snapchat+ subscription price

Snapchat plus subscription price is not very expensive, it seems to be offerdable. if  i talk about the price in dollars then it is $3.99 per month and if we talk price in snapchat plus price in india then it is 49 rupees

There is also a yearly plan of snapchat plus subscription, which is 12 percent less than monthly.

Snapchat+ subscription vs snapchat premium

now we are going to do compression of snapchat plus vs snapchat premium, i know most of you have doubt about that what is this snapchat premium, however there are some users too, who have heard about this, so my duty is to vivid you people only.

i would like to tell you that snapchat premium is nothing just a way to make the private stories and ask from money to view them , this is some type of personal earning way.

whereas, snapchat+ is official launched by snapchat, here they have mentioned as some of the great features which i have already mentioned you.

now if i am not wrong you have just understood the differnce between snapchat premium vs snapchat+.

Snapchat+ available in India?

indeed, snapchat plus is availabe in india, already i have mentioned in the article about the list of snapchat+ availabe in india.

How much Snapchat+ cost montly?

Snapchat+ cost montly approx $3.99 per month. this is beg

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