Top Apps to learn Computer in 2020

Hello everyone, Top Apps to learn Hacking in 2020 So today we are talking about the top apps to learn Hacking.Welcome back to a new blog on Apps to learn Hacking in 2020. Today everyone in the world wants to learn Hacking or we can say everyone tries to learn to hack. Hacking is not illegal if we u use it properly. Today we will not cover this topic. Today will tell you about the top Apps to learn computer in 2020. So as j told u everyone wants to learn hacking. But the thing is they don’t get the ways how they can learn hacking they scroll through many applications but got no idea about how they can start. So today m going to tell u the Top Apps to learn hacking in 2020. So let’s get started and the first app in the list is

1.LEARN Computer ON Youtube

Top Apps to learn Hacking in 2020

Yes, you heard it right youtube is the platform where you can learn hacking. But you all search about hacking but didn’t get anything. So the question arises is how can we find videos related to hacking. First of all, never search about how to hack blaw blaw….. Instead of search how to learn coding, pishing……., and many more. I am also on YouTube. Click here to visit my channel you will surely get lots of knowledge about hacking. So don’t forget to check the channel and subscribe to YouTube is where we can get to know the basics of hacking. For me, I can say that YouTube was starting my hacking career

SECOND one on the list of Top Apps to learn Hacking in 2020

2. LEARN Computer ON Telegram

Top Apps to learn Hacking in 2020

Telegram is one of the best app to learn hacking. I am using telegram from the last 2-3years and found very useful stuff about hacking and cracking. Beginners should download telegram so that they can move one step forward to their hacking career. Telegram is the app which is been used by lots of hackers and cheaters also so you should be careful about with whom you are contracting with. Everything needs money even though if you want to learn but still you need to pay for it so there are lots of hackers who take the money and in return they give you class about hacking cracking and many other things. I have also created a telegram channel. If you are will to learn about hacking so you can join my channel and learn a lot about hacking. Here is my channel link:- @crackerspremium you can search directly on telegram and join my channel if you want to learn to hack for free

Last, on the list of Top Apps to learn Hacking in 2020

3.LEARN Computer ON Termux

Top Apps to learn Hacking in 2020

It is one of the most-used apps of hackers. Hackers use this app for hacking accounts of Instagram, telegram, or of any other social sites. But its very hard to learn termux. That’s why I told you about termux in last because to use termux you need to know how it works and how one can run it and for that one should learn about it through YouTube and telegram.

4.Something you should know


I have lots of information to share about this app but I can’t the knowledge I will be share to you will go in vain because u r beginners and the knowledge in advance so, for now, I can just say that start learning the basics of hacking and in the coming days I will be posting lots of knowledgeable stuff on my website. This would be very helpful for you in upcoming days so better stick to us so that you can gather lots of knowledge. Top Apps to learn Hacking in 2020

That’s it for today Guys. Please comment down your queries

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