what are the benefits of blogging

hello, guess my name is chahat sharma and today i am going to talk about what are the benefits of blogging although if you like my content don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members because this topic is going to be very unique so be with us.

with the topic of the blog, what are the benefits of blogging only you can understand that this blog is going to related technology. so guess without wasting a single second let get started with our new topic. with the advancement of technology in the contemporary era, it becomes mandatory that one should be aware of the technology that how it works, and what are the privileged of using it. so let’s continue with the topic what are the benefits of blogging

so today we are going to discuss this type of all topic with are nessary to discuss altough first lets talk about what are the benefits of blogging.

what is blogging?

when you read the word blog what in your mind came initially that what is this in my perspective a few parts of the community will believe it is just posting the routine of what you do as a mass of individual watch on youtube but, to be honest this word have a wide range and it does not complete with this four words B- L- O- G. if I talk about its description nowadays more than 100million of the website are based on blogging.


moreover, it is the dominant preference of the masses because it has many privileged only that’s by the most party of society is interesting to work in this field. blogging means to write a blog which has some content usually in past time blog were based on the live experience of the individual but with the advancement of technology this method has been changed and the public is adopted new one that is watched on youtube or read others blog and with your assimilation write your opinion in front of society.

blogging is not only a way to represent your perspective in front of society but it is also a way to widen your knowledge in any field it is totally up to you. what are the benefits of blogging

Blogging on WordPress

commonly pupils comment or mail me that is WordPress is the best way to blog but due to my own hectic schedule, I am not able to reply to them although when I got time I used to reply to them. so the answer is WordPress is the best way to blog is that…

indeed, it is because blogger means the one who types and share their experience, not that who use to make a website because blogger is those who write not those who create by dint of this on WordPress everyone gets an opportunity to express their view and one of the best advantages of this is that it is user-friendly means to say everyone can assess that without having a good knowledge of WordPress. what are the benefits of blogging

blogging give right to express view

yes, that is one hundred percent true that blogging gives the right to express a view in front of society and without any terms and condition these days everyone faces the problem that where one can place their point of view in front of society then answer is give by blogging.

however as the elder say time is precious if you will waste it, time will waste you so if you like to explore then share in your blog with that what will happen maybe your opinion get stuck in people minds and your explore get succeed because in the modern era the rate of competition has been arisen as compression to the early stage of time and give your perspective in front of society is hardest one so blogging give you the opportunity. what are the benefits of blogging

Blogging Help To Be Popular

so guess here is our second privileged of being a blogger now again query arise that how blogging help to be popular then the answer is this when you will write your pers[ective in front of the community and if they like the opinion then a thew chance of popular will automatically rise.

furthermore, today in the community there is numerous blogger are present who created their blogging habit as their profession for example gaurav chaudry, gauravzone , mum biker Nikhil, flying beast, and more these all common people as we all are from the middle-class family but now these days the become the celebrity on the youtube. YOU CAN ALSO LEARN HOW TO WRITE A BLOG.

so here topic ends up what are the benefits of blogging and comment below if you have any problem related to the topic what are the benefits of blogging.

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