Where Should I Learn Competitive Programming

If anyone wants to get placed in FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) or any other MNCs, you need to be a good competitive programmer. but you may get the doubt that where should I start programming.

Firstly choose a good programming language for competitive programming, every programming language has its own pros and cons, mostly competitive programmers use C++, because its the fastest and has low execution time and has a huge developers community you can get a programming solution in few searches on google.

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For competitive Programming Data Structures and Algorithms should be learned, because 95% companies prefer these in Interviews, there are some important topics in Data structures and Algorithms

  1. Arrays
  2. Linked List
  3. Stack
  4. Queue
  5. Hash Table
  6. Tree
  7. Graph

There are some algorithms that every programmer should know

  1. Recursion
  2. Backtracking
  3. Time and Space Complexity
  4. Dynamic programming

Before starting competitive programming, you need to learn the basics, you can use sites like Lynda, Udemy, Bitdegree, Coursera these are the top websites where you can learn courses for free and earn a certificate

After learning basics choose any online coding platform for code practicing, there are plenty of online sites ,some of best among those are HackerrankCodeChefHackerEarth

You may face some problems during the competitive programming phase, like some of the coders stuck at understanding the question, if you stuck at this just go to the discussion menu or forum and ask your Querys, the other coders will respond you in little time

Most of the coders are good at writing programs but they are confused at correct input template in Coding Platforms, most of the coding platforms support only standard Input and Standard Output

If you are Stuck at any test cases or completely find the solution for the question, you can refer to Github to get answers for most of the questions

For practice or to participate any contests you can check out some Top coding competitons held by MNC’s

Most important this while participating interviews or contests is managing time. pick problems which consumes less time compared to other programs and while solving a program try to write a program in less number of lines of code ,this is best trick to gain more score in competitive and always think in unique way and dont copy paste past directly form other sites because the code you have submitted are checked by plagarism dectectors. if you caught doing plagarism you are knoked out

After everything try to apply to the relevant position and in your dream company try to build a unique resume compared to others, do some live projects and make contributions for opensource if you want to apply for the top companies.

There are some Job search portals you can use these for searching jobs and internships

this post is useful for beginners soon we will post “When should I start doing projects”, these programming related posts are helpful for your carrier so share this to your friends and drop some comments below for any queries

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