WordPress multiple blogs on one site 2021

Hy reader, Myself Ajay, and today I am going to show you WordPress multiple blogs on one site through WordPress. so let get started and discuss our topic WordPress multiple blogs on one site.

WordPress multiple blogs on one site
WordPress multiple blogs on one site

You can organise your blog better and professional by multiple blog pages so lets get into it. in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to set up multiple blog post pages so you can organize your blog better. you can have a separate page for each category of blog posts that you have so essentially you’re going to have multiple blog post pages in each of those pages going to list posts this is a community request from you guys out reading our blog. I hope this blog helps.

What Is WordPress.com?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is used as a web content management system (WCMS), or blogging platform, and a framework for developing websites and web applications.

The WordPress.com for Business program gives you everything you need to build, grow, and transform your blog into a business. now let’s talk about WordPress multiple blogs on one site.

WordPress multiple blogs on one site

First of all, let me tell you. You can have multiple blogs, Yess at least not by default. But We have found a way to do so. We have found out two ways through which we can at multiple blogs on-site through WordPress.

How To Use custom Categories In WordPress

Its one of the easiest way its one to WordPress multiple blogs on one site. For this we will be using basic features of wordpress , Menus, and Users features. Use custom Categories In WordPress is open of the easy task to do so.

to use Use custom Categories In WordPress. first of all you have to login in to your WordPress panel. afterward then you have to click categories and edit their custom Categories In WordPress.

So first of all we need to navigate to my post section in your wp-admin panel. Now go through the Categories section where you will find out 4 options (Name, slug, parent category, and description)


The name will be used as the display title of your blog. in WordPress name play a vital role because it help to rank your blog on internet or search engine.


Slug will be used for differentiating between categories, Depending on your permalink settings, this could also be part of your post structure.

Parent category

One of the most imposing phases for creating multiple blogs. Every blog on your site would be separate but will be connected to the main band. You can also do this with the parent’s category to subcategories the blogs through the main blog.

How To Create Multiple Blogs On One Website

How To Create Multiple Blogs On One Website
How To Create Multiple Blogs On One Website
  1. so our first step to WordPress multiple blogs on one site is they want but sometimes you might want to have multiple pages for your blog post maybe you have thousands of blog posts and you want to break them up into themes now the way we do that is by adding categories so if we head over to our dashboard and go to posts hover over it.
  2. click on categories we need to add different categories in here we need to add the categories that you want to filter by so I have airplanes movies and sports.
  3. for this example, to add WordPress multiple blogs on one site. I quickly created those just by typing in the name of the category here the slug of the category here the clicking add new the category that’s that you’re done one-two every category is created you. now we did with the third step of WordPress multiple blogs on one site.
  4. head over to your posts and you check the ones that you want to go into each category so let’s say you want to have this one and this one and that’s it go into the airplanes category you check the ones that you want in there click on this drop-down click on edit click on apply to check the airplanes category. WordPress multiple blogs on one site
  5. click on update and now those posts are categorized in the airplane category then you go ahead do the same thing for another set of posts out into a different category. WordPress multiple blogs on one site
  6. I already have this one added two movies someone’s going to check all the ones that are ready to check them all go to bulk actions click Edit click apply to check the category you want them in click on update.
  7. and that adds that category to that post now once you have those all organized next thing you want to do is head into appearance.
  8. I go to menus now we want to add those categories to our navigation menu and we do this by choosing the category option on the left here it’s going to list all of our categories.
  9. I want to add sports movies and airplanes I check them click on add to the menu and then add them to our top-level navigation menu let’s take a look at how this looks save the menu go back to our page and refresh now if we click on any of these it looks like a regular blog page but it’s actually.
  10. a category page lists only the ones in that specific category same from movies same for airplanes and you can have as many of these categories as you want but realistically you don’t want to have too many because it can get confusing.
  11. and a little overwhelming you can also add these as a drop-down say you don’t want to have them all listed in the main header but you want an under the blog you go back into your menu.
  12. just drag it to the right a little bit click and hold you see the – box moves over so it looks like a child of the blog so they’re all indented.
  13. they click on save menu refresh this page again now our the top-level menu looks a lot cleaner the little down arrow by the blog if we hover over it we see our options sports movies airplanes that’s how easy it is to create multiple blog post pages.

Description:-This will be indexed on the search engine and it is good for brief detailing of your blog post. (help in decreasing bounceback). now we are done with our topic WordPress multiple blogs on one site.

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