What Are The New WhatsApp privacy policy

hello, friends how are you so i am back with my new topic and this is a bit faster as compared to my previous one because in this we are going to talk about New WhatsApp privacy policy because it is becoming a huge issue in society this day is it becomes compulsory for all of us that before agree on it we should know that for what we are agreeing because it is our right that we should be aware that what is going on with our data and is it safe or not.

because this day most of the people use WhatsApp for their personal use means to say this application is not an application but also the privacy of a human being or for the user because in this people usually talk with their friends and family members by dint of this they share their precious thing so think if your data got leaked oh my god no no users never want this don’t worry i am saying that facebook means to say the owner of WhatsApp is going to leak your data i am just talking about it.

What is Whatsapp

so here we will talk about that what is WhatsApp i know that is the absurd question because 90 percent of internet users know what is WhatsApp even 80 percent of them also use that and for your concert, I want to talk with you that this data is not accurate this is just an assumption and example which i tried to make you understand the importance of WhatsApp in society.

New WhatsApp privacy policy

if we talk about the founder of WhatsApp then Brian Acton and Jan Koum was the founder of the WhatsApp and they founded it 11 years back from today and if i talk about Initial release: February 2009 after the founder of the C.E.O of facebook means to say mark Zuckerburg purchased it in near about tens millions. the good thing which makes this application more user friendly in that it can be easily operated along with this fewer data consuming and icing on the cake is no advertisement.

Facebook Will Get Your WhatsApp Messages?

here one question arises that is it New WhatsApp privacy policy. No guess to be honest WhatsApp is a different platform and Facebook is another and as you almost are user of both social media you are well aware that on Facebook you can easily communicate worldwide but in WhatsApp, you are able to do but you need a moblie number on which it is regerticed mean to say it is necessary that you should be well aware of that till now there is not any notification related to that so lets back to our topic New WhatsApp privacy policy

Is New WhatsApp privacy policy Matter?

yes, this matter to a lot of users because by this facebook owner or the company tried to agree on the terms and condition forcefully means to say it will become necessary for you to agree otherwise from 9 February you will be not able to further use the WhatsApp any more in your Andriod or ios or in any platform by dint of this mean anyhow if Whatsapp is compulsory for you and it is used in daily purpose then it becomes necessary for you to agree on New WhatsApp privacy policy.

Facebook Has Whatsapp Data?

so now again one confusion may be rose in your mind that is Facebook is having your WhatsApp data then its answer is yes it has your all the data related to your WhatsApp even they know what you share and what you message to anyone but as we all are well aware of one fact everything has pro and cons similar to this it also has as i told you cons so the pro is that Facebook do not store your data because it is WhatsApp tagline end-to-end encrypted so it compulsory for them that it should be because it is a big name in the field of internet.

New Whatsapp Privacy Policy Are

  • Account registration information (phone number)
  • Transaction data, service-related information as in india whatsapp payment is their
  • Mobile device information < which device you are using>
  • User IP address< your current location>

so here i end up with my topic What Are The New WhatsApp privacy policy

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