where do you get traffic for affiliate marketing website well that’s a question that I get asked a lot of kind of similar questions like how do you build traffic how do you generate traffic how can I get traffic basically I get a lot of traffic questions so in this video we’re going to be talking about how to get traffic for affiliate marketing website I’m going to be showing you how I get traffic to my sites.

yeah just basically share my experiences with generating traffic building traffic getting traffic just traffic we’re gonna be talking about the organic search we’re gonna be talking about Pinterest we’re gonna be talking about social media we’re gonna be talking about paid traffic we’ll be talking about all sorts of traffic and I think I may have said the word traffic enough times that blog thinks that this video is about traffic and indeed should send me some traffic from the web search results but you know we’ll wait and see but anyway I think that’s enough ridiculous intro let’s go.

What Is Website Traffic? get traffic for affiliate marketing website

hello it’s Chahat Sharma Panday here from techremake hope you’re all well so yeah traffic it’s something that we need if you’ve got a website, in particular, get traffic for affiliate marketing website then you will need traffic because traffic comes to your website they click on your affiliate links and then they buy stuff and then you make money and of course, if you’re running ads on your site to generate an income you want traffic to look at those ads you want impressions and clicks and all the rest of it as well to make some money.

Why Traffic Is Important For Website?

so traffic is the lifeblood of any websites, of course, it’s like you know if a website doesn’t have traffic does it even exist so let’s have a look at the google analytics on one of my affiliate marketing websites let’s have a look at where the traffic is coming from and by the way, I’ve got a couple of affiliate marketing projects on the go right now and I share basically everything about those projects here on the blog including how much the websites are making all the work that I do on the sites.

how I built the site literally everything so if you haven’t watched any of those videos on my youtube channel techremake well I put them all in a handy playlist for you so you can find them really easily I’ll put a link up now to no I always forget which corner I’m gonna put a card up there somewhere that’s a link to the best roof box playlist that site’s making you know four figures a month it’s doing pretty well go check it out and I’ve got another one as well on my wheel along website which is all about trolleys and stuff but anyway let’s take a look at those analytics this is for get traffic for affiliate marketing website

Bmtechtips site that’s making four figures a month and yeah let’s take a look so we can see if we look at the source medium report under the acquisition section within google analytics that the number one source of traffic is google organic which is basically just google you know SEO all that stuff natural search whatever you like to call it next up we’ve got direct now that is people typing in the website you know they’ve just heard about it and they type it in the reason why this site has got quite a bit of direct traffic is that well I’m always talking about it here on the blog so yeah people read me write about it and then they type it in obviously next up we have got a blog and the site does have its own blog website which generates a little bit of traffic but again I think most of the traffic is coming from me here techremake so yeah I guess we can’t really count that next up. get traffic for affiliate marketing website


we got Pinterest which is completely legit that is you know best roof box related pins and that brings in a trickle of traffic then finally we got some other stuff like bing and all that kind of thing Facebook whatever but the main source of traffic as we can see is google organic so let’s talk about that now, in my opinion, google organic or SEO or whatever you want to call it natural search I don’t know whatever you want to call it personally I think that is the best way to get traffic to your website it does take a little bit of work you’ve got to put some time in a bit of investment in but in the long term it brings a steady healthy flow of traffic to your website and without any ongoing cost but how on earth do we rank well on google and on the other search engines to bring us in some of this organic traffic well I’ve done a few videos on this in the past but in a nutshell what you want to do is this. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

Choose Good Niche

first off you want to head over to google and do some searches around your niche whatever you want to call it around whatever it is your website is about and you want to make a note of the suggestions that Google presents you with now those suggestions they are things that people are typing into Google right now they’re actually you know entering them they’re real searches and I’d imagine if they are relevant to your niche they’re the kind of searches that you want your website to come up for so how do we come up for those searches well we create content around them we basically answer the questions that people are typing in and just one thing on that you really want to go for searches that are questions. get traffic for affiliate marketing website


that is quite long we call them long-tail searches so they’ve got more than three words in the search the reason for this is they show more buyer intent or more intent in general someone is pretty serious about what they’re looking for when they start typing in four or five words and they have a lot lower competition which of course is very important because that gives us a fighting chance of ranking if you’re going for one word or two-word searches that are going to be really hard to rank for and yeah I just say you know don’t bother it’s too hard for example for my website techremake. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

I go for terms like you know the best roof box for fishing or the best roof box for camping equipment or roof boxes for BMW m3 cars that kind of thing rather than just roof box or roof cargo box something like that because they’re far too competitive another thing I recommend you do is to take a look at the Google search results page for each of those suggestions has a look at what’s coming up is it any good is the content of good quality does it actually answer the query because you’ll find there’s a lot of searches that people are putting into Google and what’s being returned by google doesn’t actually answer the question. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

if you create a bit of content that does answer that question in a concise clear and I’m trying to think of another word high-quality way let’s say there’s a good chance that you will get ranked without building too many links and speaking of building links that is something that you’re gonna need to do just a few links because links help google find your site for a start. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

get traffic for affiliate marketing website

they also bring link juice which is an imaginary thing there’s no actual juice floating across the internet that would be dangerous with all that electricity and servers and stuff no no link juice is basically authority and reputation and it flows between sites across links so for example if a site with high reputation and high authority links to your site that authority spreads itself through the link flows through the link to your site. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

increases the authority and reputation of your website now i’m not going to go into link building in too much detail because you know that’s a whole blog in itself but it basically involves creating good content and then reaching out to other sites asking if they want to link possibly offering them a guest post which they can have on their site again which includes a link to your site and yeah it’s quite a long process. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

which is why I outsource a lot of my link building which of course is the other option I’ve recently been using stan ventures that have done a fantastic job with my other site wheel along they built some links for me and it basically shot to the first page of google for a number of search terms the whole site in fact has kind of lifted across the search engines traffic is up and yeah I was really pleased with their service. get traffic for affiliate marketing website.

by the way, I did a video on exactly what they did for me yeah it’s up there somewhere there’s also a link in the description go check it out I’ll also put a link down there to stan ventures they’ve offered me some fantastic prices for you guys so yeah go check them out it is, of course, an affiliate link so I will get paid if you happen to order anything thank you very much so the organic search is definitely one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website but there are a few other things that you can do. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

Other sources of traffic to get traffic for affiliate marketing website

Pinterest is a good way to generate traffic especially if you’re in a very female orientated niche so to get traffic from Pinterest all I’ve done and I’m no Pinterest expert I will just say that is I’ve created some lovely looking pins for my content using canvas which is my favorite graphics package if you’re not using canvas you really need to go check it out right now.

it’s free although there is a pro version which I love because it has loads of stock photography and other features like a background remover yeah go check out canvas it’s got some great templates for Pinterest graphics and yeah I create these pins I add them to my content and I share them on my own Pinterest account and that’s about it and Pinterest although the traffic numbers aren’t huge it does bring in a bit of traffic and it also generates some links so going back to the organic search we were just talking about that’s a good thing next up is youtube.

YouTube help to get traffic for affiliate marketing website

YouTube is a fantastic way to generate traffic to your website but you do need to create some videos and the better those videos the more traffic you’ll get now of course you don’t have to create videos like this where you’re showing your face off or anything like that you can do screen shares you can record PowerPoint presentations and talk over them there’s a lot of ways to create videos um that are pretty easy and once you start to get a bit of momentum on your techremake website you’ll find that it generates quite a bit of traffic and people click through the links in your cards you know those things i keep pointing to.

from the description and it works it does work um I’ve had great success for techremake and pretty much anything that I talk about in these videos gets traffic so it’s a great way for me to generate traffic to techremake and all the other sites that I talk about on this channel in terms of my affiliate channels like best roof box I haven’t done as much work on those as I probably should have done I’ve got a few videos and I get a trickle of traffic but I know that if I um created some good videos and again use a similar approach to the one i just mentioned um with regards to google and actually you know do some keyword research look at what youtube is suggesting and create videos around those searches i’m sure that i could get a lot more traffic from YouTube next up is cora and this is something that i’ve been playing around with for a little while.

Quora help to get traffic for affiliate marketing website

Quora is basically a question-and-answer site where people you know ask questions about stuff and anyone can answer them so it’s a great opportunity for you to build links and generate traffic because you basically search for questions that are relevant to your niche and you answer them.

you need to provide a high quality in-depth thorough answer if you do that your answer should stick and there is an opportunity there to add a link or two back to your website I find quora work pretty well but again it’s only a trickle of traffic compared to google organic but yeah core is good for generating traffic and it’s also good for generating some backlinks.

Paid Traffic help to get traffic for affiliate marketing website

so it’s good for SEO we’re nearly at the end of this video but before I go there’s a couple of other traffic methods that I want to talk about because people ask me about these all the time and the first is paid traffic people ask you know should I send paid traffic to my affiliate marketing website and my initial answer is always no the reason for that is that paid traffic can be quite expensive especially in competitive niches and the problem with sending paid traffic to get traffic for affiliate marketing website is it’s very hard to track the outcome of that traffic.get traffic for affiliate marketing website.

so say for example you have to get traffic for affiliate marketing website and you send a whole load of paid traffic through from google maybe and people then click off your site through your affiliate links over to amazon and they make a purchase there is no way of you linking that sale back to your paid search campaign or whatever it is you’re running.get traffic for affiliate marketing website

.then there’s no way of optimizing your paid ads and then it becomes very inefficient and you’ll always end up spending more money on ads than you generate from commissions because of the trick with paid ads and I’ve got quite a bit of experience in paid ads running them for traditional companies is that you track everything very accurately and then you can focus your paid budget on the bits of the campaigns that are working because it’s like everything the 80-20 rule applies to it. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

so 20 of your ads are going to generate 80 of your revenue but you know you have to figure out which 20 are the ones that are working otherwise you’re going to be wasting a lot of money on the 80 that aren’t so when people ask me should I run paid search yes my initial reaction is no

but I guess you could do it if you are able to extract a lot of value out of that traffic maybe by capturing email addresses or having some other kind of opt-in system going on like a funnel or something that would probably work but generally just sending paid traffic through to an affiliate site don’t do it the final thing I want to talk about which is something that a lot of people on website talk about a lot of gurus is Facebook groups. so lets fetch the new source of get traffic for affiliate marketing website.

Facebook Group

now we are going to discuss about get traffic for affiliate marketing website I’ve not really had any experience with this I mean I do have a Facebook group for techremake and you should come and join us, by the way, it’s a great place to hang out and chat about affiliate marketing and WordPress and all that kind of stuff but I’ve never created a Facebook group for my affiliate marketing sites I hear that they can work but my experience with groups is that they take a while to get members. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

kind of build up a nice community you can’t really promote stuff too much within the group because your members don’t like it you know if you’re just posting links all the time that’s not what people are in a group for so yeah I guess they can work but it’s going to take quite a bit of time um quite a bit of overhead in terms of management. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

yeah, it’s just not something that I’ve really done much with so yeah maybe create a Facebook group when you start your site uh and encourage people to join it but as you know top tier way of generating traffic to your site I don’t think. get traffic for affiliate marketing website

so that brings us to the end of this blog basically the messages organic search is your friend that’s going to be the best way for you to generate traffic focus on some good quality content do some research on google answer the questions that aren’t already being answered and you should be able to generate some really healthy regular free traffic from organic search.get traffic for affiliate marketing website

I’d love to know how you get traffic to your websites leave me a comment below I do read all the comments that I get and I’ll try to reply to as many as I can but until next time bye for now.get traffic for affiliate marketing website

Hey, I Am Chahat Sharma Panday, A Full Time Blogger & Youtuber Founder of TechRemake

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